Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Bodyguard gets a day off: Kevin Costner unwinds at the Knicks game a day after speaking at Whitney Houston's funeral

By Amelia Proud

Tactics? Kevin Costner listens to Eva Longoria while watching the Knicks game at Madison Square Garden yesterday after an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend for the star who spoke at Whitney Houston's funeral

It's been an incredibly difficult weekend for Kevin Costner.

The 57-year-old bid farewell to his old friend Whitney Houston on Saturday, and spoke memorably and movingly about their shared bond at her 'home going service.'

At times barely able to compose himself, the sheer humanity of Costner's speech touched millions watching the funeral broadcast.

His imagining of Houston as a little girl at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark brought the superstar into the room for many people.

Costner's gift to that service was making the woman who had become so parodied for her descent into drink and drug addiction and a soap opera marriage into girl again - with hopes and dreams.

It was bound to wring the actor emotionally.

He starred with Houston in 1992's The Bodyguard when her star was still bright, and as he articulated, saw the insecurities that brought her so low.

Sadness etched into his face: Costner tries to distract himself with the game, but his grief still shows

Escapism: Costner manages a smile as he chats with wife Christine courtside

So who could blame the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves star for diving headfirst into a bit of escapism the following day?

The veteran heartthrob hit up the New York Knicks vs the Dallas Mavericks game at Madison Square Gardens with his wife Christina Baumgartner.

But he seemed unable to escape the emotion of the weekend, and often looked haunted and distracted throughout the thrilling game.

Capturing the action: Eva takes a shot of the game on her camera phone, but the Dallas girl might not want to remember her team's loss

His 'n' hers: The couple arrive at the game looked coordinated and stylish

It didn't help that Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, 36 , was chewing his ear off for the whole game.

The Dallas-born brunette was probably concerned because her team were heading for the first defeat in some time.

California-born Costner pacified her well but couldn't disguise the look of sadness on his face.

Putting on a brave face: Kevin and Christine arrive at JFK ahead of Whitney's service



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