Monday, June 25, 2012

'I would have sex anywhere and everywhere' says Claire Richards as she tells all about her wild love life

By Fehintola Betiku

..She has opened up about crippling depression which left her house-bound for years after quitting Steps and how low she sank in the grip of an eating disorder while she was part of the group.

Now Claire Richards has opened up about her wild love life and her and how having sex in cars used to leave her covered in bruises.

Writing in her autobiography All Of Me, which has been serialised in The Sun, Claire has revealed how she once had sex at the Top Of The Pops studio and messed around with Dane Bowers.

Wild child: Claire Richards has admitted in her book that she once had sex at the Top Of The Pops studio

Reminiscing about the days when her and her now husband Reece Hill were just dating, the Steps singer told of the times when they used to get frisky in the back of his tiny MG sports car.

She said: 'Reece and I would have sex anywhere and everywhere. We were at it like you wouldn’t believe and when I look back now you’d never think we were the same couple!'

The 34-year-old even admitted that they regularly had sex in the car park of Hillingdon Tube Station and in dressing rooms whilst backstage at gigs - including Top Of The Pops.

Shocking: Claire told that she cheated on her first husband Mark Webb and shared a night with Dane Bowers

Admitting that she had never been in a hurry to lose her virginity, Claire told how being self-conscious about her image affected her confidence and she found it difficult to meet guys.

But that all changed when she met Reece who at the time was Steps' publicity manager and expecting his first child with his girlfriend.

Looking back on it now Claire explained: 'I convinced myself that I was fine with the fact that he’d had a baby, but in reality it felt constantly as though I’d had the wind sucked out of me. It was the worst feeling in the world'.

Despite the fact that Hill was in a relationship Claire still pursued him and eventually their affair was found out which led to him losing his job.

Not long after Claire and Reece separated and the singer began dating Steps' dancer Mark Webb.

Happily family: After the breakdown of her first marriage Claire was reunited with her first love Reece Hill

In her book she told how she had drunkenly told Mark she loved him and failed to fall for any of his romantic gestures even after they became husband and wife.

Claire wed Webb in 2003 but they split in 2005 after she cheated on him with Dane Bowers and fell into depression.

On her brief fling with Bowers, she revealed although they never had sex she said they kissed and had 'a bit of a fumble'.

However even though she tried to work things out with her husband they soon started living apart and it was during this period she was reunited with her first love Reece Hill.

She told of how she invited Reece over to her place and after a rendezvous she wanted out of her marriage to Webb and confessed that she had been unfaithful.

The mother of two said: 'I was fine with saying I’d committed adultery because technically I had.'

Following on from that in May 2007 she gave birth to her first child Charlie and married Reece Hill in 2008; their daughter Daisy followed a year later.



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