Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tearful SuBo in four-letter tirade after having to wait for a coffee at motorway services

By Sara Nathan and Nazia Parveen

Fears were growing for the health of Susan Boyle last night after she had a tantrum when she had to wait for coffee at a motorway service station.

The singer, 51, yelled ‘I just want to go home’ before launching into a foul-mouthed tirade and bursting into tears.

Parents covered their children’s ears and onlookers were shocked into silence as the woman catapulted to fame on Britain’s Got Talent went into meltdown.

Troubled star Susan Boyle's latest outburst is just one in a series that has led to concerns being raised over the singer's health

It is thought to be only the latest in a string of ‘flare-ups’, amid fears that Miss Boyle, one of the world’s most successful recording artists, has been working too hard. She is currently appearing in the musical I Dreamed a Dream, the story of her rise to fame.

Miss Boyle, known as SuBo to her fans, lost her composure after stopping to order a takeaway at the Burger King restaurant at the northbound services on the M6 in Knutsford, Cheshire, on Thursday. She was believed to have been on her way home to Scotland.

In footage caught on a mobile phone by a fellow customer, she can be heard yelling: ‘I just want to go home, I want to go.’

Parents had to cover their children's ears after the foul-mouthed rant by SuBo at Knutsford service station on the M6 in Cheshire

A restaurant customer said: ‘The girl behind the Burger King counter kept apologising for the wait for her coffee. Susan seemed a bit confused.

When she went to sit down, a man asked her: “Are you okay?” She then just flipped out and started screaming at him: “**** off – I’m having a bad day”.’

Lorry driver Mike Parkinson, 42, said: ‘I heard this woman swearing. She started shouting at this woman with her: “Why did you make me come here? ‘I didn’t want to ****ing come here”.

‘She then put her head in her hands and started bawling like a kid.’

Miss Boyle’s success has come at a cost. After appearing in BGT in 2009, she was treated at the Priory clinic for exhaustion.

Last night, a source close to Miss Boyle said: ‘Everyone knows that Susan is not able to express her emotions as many would which adds to her frustration.

‘She wanted to go home as she was tired and upset and wanted to be in the sanctuary of her own house.

‘She is very grateful for the amazing life she is now living and wouldn’t swop it for the world.

‘Susan is very sorry to anyone she upset on Thursday evening.’

A spokesman for Miss Boyle declined to comment.



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