Tuesday, November 16, 2010

'It's amazing to feel like a model again!' Acid attack victim Katie Piper poses for glamorous magazine shoot

By Sarah Bull

Reliving her modelling ambition: Acid attack victim Katie Piper poses in a glamorous photoshoot for Reveal

She was a young woman who had her dreams of being a model ruined when she became the victim of an acid attack instigated by her ex-boyfriend.

But now Katie Piper has spoken of her delight as she poses for a glamorous photoshoot for Reveal magazine.

The 27-year-old star wears an array of feminine, flirty dresses, stunning jewellery and high heels in shots as relives her modelling ambition for Reveal magazine.

Describing the experience of modelling in the shoot, Katie said: 'Seeing these photos is such a significant moment for me.

'It's an amazing feeling to model and feel like a normal girl again. I'm supposed to be an acid attack survivor but finally I'm just being me.

'I hope other disfigured women will see this and feel more confident too.'

Flirty and feminine: Katie shows off her amazing figure in a variety of pretty outfits for the shoot

Katie was attacked on March 31st, 2008, after her ex-boyfriend Daniel Lynch employed accomplice Stefan Sylvestre to throw the cup of industrial-strength sulphuric acid in her face.

She was rushed to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital's burns unit where she was showered in tap water for ten hours as medics attempted to neutralise the acid and prevent any further damage.

But their quick work did little to reduce the scarring, and the left side of Katie's face was burned so badly there was only muscle and bone left.

Ballet star: Katie revealed in the interview she is finally getting her life back on track following the attack

Beautiful: Katie thanked the magazine for making her feel like a model 'and a normal girl' again

She lost the sight in her left eye and acid also dripped down her neck, ears and hands as well as slipping into her nose and throat.

Katie said: 'After the attack I didn't know who I was any more. My career and dreams were gone. I was psychologically and physically scarred.'

She was told she would have to wear a special Perspex mask for 23 hours of every day in a bid to reduce the scarring.

Potential: Katie had been a keen model before the attack, which left her with severe scarring on her face and hands

She explained: 'I only had two years within which my scars could be minimised. I didn't want to regret anything. And when I saw the improvements I ended up embracing the mask

'When children asked in the street, "Why has that lady got a plastic face?" I refused to be upset.'

In 2009, Katie established the Katie Piper Foundation, created for the sole aim of helping other women who have suffered burns or other disfigurement injuries.

And Katie says the creation of the Foundation, as well as her own journey to recovery, has helped her start to get her life back together.

She said: 'I don't jump at the slightest noise any more and my emotional scars have heeled dramatically. I still don't like crowds or going out alone in the dark but otherwise I lead a normal life.

'I go to restaurants and bars and chat to guys. I do want to get married and have kids but right now I'm too busy for a relationship.'

While Katie said there are still things which she finds upsetting, she is genuinely thrilled with the way her life has now turned out.

She said: 'There are still things that upset me - I don't look like my mum anymore and I will never know how I would have aged naturally.

'But even though my life expectancy has been shortened, I feel happy about my life now.

'Before I was on the wrong path and was wrapped up in how I looked. Now I have a richer life. I never look back and think, 'What if?' My face is quirkier now. You don't have to be perfect to be beautiful.



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