Monday, November 21, 2011

Trying to make someone jealous? Jennifer Lopez's new toyboy dancer joins her on stage for raunchy routine at AMAs

By Mike Larkin

Up close and personal: J-Lo was also seen dancing up to her new man Casper Smart who performed with his top off

If Jennifer Lopez wanted to steal the show at the American Music Award's she certainly succeeded.

There was a stellar line-up of stars at the event including, Christina Aguilera, Justin Bieber, David Guetta and Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and Katy Perry.

But it was Jennifer's raunchy rendition of On The Floor which proved the hot topic of conversation tonight, which was particularly notable because she took to the stage with new beau Casper Smart.

Over the top? Jennifer Lopez stipped off midway through her performance and grinded up to rapper Pitbull on the stage at the AMA's tonight

She seemed to be trying to make someone jealous as she performed a kinky act that reached its climax when she stuck her famous rear in rapper Pitbull's crotch.

Not only was she dressed in an extremely provocative ensemble which consisted of a sheer catsuit covered in crystals which showed plenty of flesh, but she also was more than happy to grind up against the performer.

Given that Pitbull was later to take to the stage with her estranged husband Marc Anthony her overtly sexual show could have been considered a little inappropriate.

If her performance wasn't enough to make even the most level headed ex jealous she also took to the stage with her new beau Casper, who danced next to her topless.

Still pretty classy: The long flowing gold dress gave no hints to the debauched performance that lay ahead

And it seems the dancer was pleased with their performance and tweeted: 'Just killlllled the show with @JLo at the #AMAs2011!!!!'

Jennifer arrived on stage in a long flowing gown and it appeared she couldn't remember her words.

But it proved to be just an act and she quickly broke out into her famous dance track and whipped off her dres in the process.

The elaborate performance which saw her flung around the stage by performers on stage also included a bizarre spot of promotion for one of her current campaigns.

At one point she was seen jumping into a Fiat 500, a car she is currently promoting in the States.

A sequence was shown which saw her driving through the streets in the vehicle, which leaves her open to obvious criticism she has sold out.

All change: But she had soon stripped down to skimpy body tights and began to indulge in a provocative dance routine

But that soon changed, and she had soon cast off the dress and was strutting around the stage in a revealing body stocking.

The 42-year-old, who seems to be taking a leaf out of aging pop icon Madonna's book on concert performance, then indulged in a filthy performance where she writhed around the stage with her troupe of dancers.

She was even swinging around with the aid of her backing gang.

Swinger: Perhaps Jennifer Lopez should consider joining the circus after showing off her unexpected acrobatic skills

Look out: The audience did not seem too concerned about the acrobat losing his grip of Jennifer

Fun: Jennifer seemed to enjoy writhing around the stage with the group of semi-naked men during her performance

Good advertising: Jennifer drove on to the stage in the Fiat 500 she is currently promoting

But she had saved her naughtiest moment for when Cuban-American rapper Pitbull joined her.

As he spat out verses she held onto a staff and provocatively thrust and rubbed her rear in his crotch area.

The bad boy star certainly seemed to enjoy taking part in the performance alongside the Jenny From The Block singer.

The Pitts: The Latino rapper seemed to hold it together remarkably well in the circumstances

Face off: There was a point during the performance where Jennifer looked the rap bad boy in the eyes

Sugar cane: Jennifer looked remarkably sprightly for someone who makes use of a walking stick

Less racy: But there are not many people who will remember the outfit from Jennifer's second performance

Later on she sang again in a far more demure outfit, but there are not many people who will remember that performance

Quite how her estranged husband Marc Anthony felt when he watched the performance is anyone's guess.

But it not seem to be on his mind when he performed with the Florida native soon after.

In fact the pair seemed like the best of chums as they performed together soon after.

Surrounded by beautiful ladies! The Latin performer didn't seem put out by the attractive dancers surrounded

All is forgiven? Marc Anthony did not seem to bothered by Pitbull's previous theatrics but he could have been keeping calm for the cameras

However the Latin singing sensation's blood could have been secretly boiling, and he did not want to cause a scene in front of the world's media.

In fact Marc seemed more than happy to be performing with Pitbull and was seen patting him on the back as they performed around with scantily clad dancers.

Playing both dies: Pitbull seemed happy to be in the middle performing with Jlo prior to hitting the stage with Marc



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