Saturday, January 14, 2012

'Ryan Giggs is nothing but a worm... a weasel': Rhodri Giggs breaks his silence on his brother's affair with wife Natasha

Making it work: Rhodri Giggs, pictured in London on Monday, is working through his problems with wife Natasha Giggs

Rhodri Giggs has kept a dignified silence since his wife Natasha confessed to an eight-year affair with his brother Ryan.

But following his wife's eviction from the Celebrity Big Brother house,the Salford City F.C. manager has spoken for the first time about the devastating fallout from her illicit romance with her brother-in-law.

Rhodri, 34, discovered the affair last June after Natasha's mother Lorraine turned up on the doorstep of their family home in Manchester clutching a copy of a Sunday newspaper and a letter from his 28-year-old wife confessing all.

Just hours earlier, a panicked Natasha had fled to Spain in shame with their son Louis, five, and 10-year-old Liam - from a previous relationship - in shame.

She had told Rhodri she was going for a girls' night out the evening before, but soon disconnected her phone as she struggled to comprehend the fallout of the revelations.

Rhodri said he believed his wife's claims that she had been 'manipulated' and 'controlled' by Ryan, 38, during their affair.

Speaking to The Sun, Rhodri said: 'Ryan's a great footballer, but he is nothing as a man.

Estranged: Rhodri hasn't spoken to his brother Ryan, pictured last Sunday, since July 2011

'Natasha was my whole life and he was supposed to be the closest person to me.'

Rhodri had a tense meeting with Ryan at a mutual friends house four weeks after the affair broke, but the Premiership star declined to apologise.

Rhodri told the paper: 'He wasn't sorry. He said it about the sex, nothing more than that, which was nice of him.'

Admitting he was too angry to speak, Ryan left and the two brothers haven't spoke since.

Calm before the storm: Rhodri and Natasha before her affair was made public

Although Rhodri initially filed for divorce, Natasha has begged for his forgiveness and the couple have been slowly trying to repair their relationship.

He said: 'The hardest thing about this all is the image of them being together. I married her for better for worse... for life.'

The couple were seeing each other every day in the run-up to her entering the Celebrity Big Brother house, although Rhodri admits he didn't approve of her going in there.

Stand by your man: Ryan's loyal wife Stacey has continued to support her husband despite his indiscretions

In the interview, Rhodri recalled how he first met Natasha when she had a brief romance with Ryan in 2003 - while he was seeing his now-wife Stacey, who was pregnant at the time with their daughter Liberty.

Despite Natasha's history with Ryan, the couple began dating and they went on to have a son Louis together in 2006.

However, during this time, unbeknownst to Rhodri and Stacey, their respective partners were still sleeping together.

In April 2010, Natasha claimed she felt pregnant with Ryan's baby and he gave her £500 to have an abortion.

Two months later, Natasha and Rhodri wed in Las Vegas - but Ryan and his wife Stacey refused to attend following an argument several months earlier.

Rhodri claimed he got upset after Stacey told him his wife was a 's**g' at a family party and when Ryan intervened, demanded his younger brother apologise to her.

Despite the revelations and Ryan being named as the footballer who had taken out an injunction to block his six-month affair with Welsh model Imogen Thomas last April, Stacey, 32, has loyally stood by her man.



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