Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not your best look! Kim Kardashian gets it wrong in a pair of unflattering trousers and a rather see-through top

By Daily Mail Reporter

Figure unflattering: Kim Kardashian isn't looking her finest as she and sister Kourtney house hunt in Los Angeles today

She may be known for her fashion sense, but even Kim Kardashian can occasionally make a style mis-step.

The reality show star stepped out in Los Angeles today wearing a pair of rather unflattering trousers.

The 31-year-old looked like she was literally squeezed into her dressy bottoms, as they strained around her waist and hips.

The roominess of the wide-legged slacks swallowed her diminutive frame, putting her body a little out of proportion.

She tucked a slightly see-through white top into the twill bottoms, which strained around the middle button as if it was too small.

And her sheer top ended up being ever so slightly see-through.
She teamed her outfit with huge oversize earrings and her trademark smoky black eye make-up.

In comparison, her older sister, Kourtney, looked sported a much more flattering ensemble.

Though she's pregnant with her second child, the 32-year-old still looked tiny in a pair of blue skinny jeans, a baggy white sweater and nude leather flats.

The sisters went to lunch (which was filmed for their reality show, of course).

And it looked like she was making an attempt to stay away from fatty foods, tweeting:

'Eating fattening pancakes but trying to be healthy with egg whites!'

The sisters also went house hunting in a north Los Angeles neighbourhood.

One smile, not two: Kourtney appears to be pouting, while Kim is smiling as widely as she can

Playing coy for the cameras: The E! star knows just how to play up to the camera crew surrounding her

Perhaps Kim shouldn't have changed her outfit for the second time in a day, as her first ensemble was actually a lot more flattering.

The brunette beauty was earlier photographed in a pair of skinny combat trousers, a black military vest, a black tank top and stilettos while leaving her Los Angeles home.

However, despite the unflattering look, Kim looked like she was enjoying her day out, broadly smiling as she strolled alongside her older sister.

Ladies who lunch: The sisters discuss Kim's potential new home over lunch

The good and the bad: Kim looked smashing earlier in the day, until she put this ensemble on



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