Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chloe Green defends her privileged life: 'If my dad says, "Would you like the plane", I’ll say, Sure!… but if not, BA is fine'

By Deborah Arthurs

Privileged but self-aware: Sir Phillip Green's daughter Chloe says she has never taken her family's wealth for granted

Being in the public eye can be a minefield. A life lived under the spotlight, your every word dissected. It's a wonder celebrities ever dare say anything at all.. But when they do, it is so often to put their foot in it.

In an interview in this month's Elle magazine, Chloe Green, the daughter of billionaire Topshop mogul Philip Green makes a valiant attempt at defending her privileged lifestyle.

But in the process, the 21-year-old heiress only ends up seeming even more out of touch with reality.

Talking ahead of the launch of her forthcoming shoe range, CJG, Chloe reveals that contrary to popular opinion, she doesn't insist on a private jet when she travel.

In fact, she is perfectly happy to fly BA, she says (although one imagines she would draw the line at Ryanair and frankly, who could blame her).

'At no point in my life have I ever taken anything for granted,' she tells Elle. 'I'm not saying to my dad, "Because we have a jet can I borrow it and fly down to France?". If my dad says, "Would you like the plane?" then I'll say, "Sure, if you don't mind." But if not, BA is fine.

Moving swiftly on, she is confronted about the rumour that her father bought her a Belgravia flat for her 18th birthday - and Chloe seems horrified that people might have got the wrong idea.

'I know how fortunate I am, my parents have always told me': Chloe, pictured leaving London's Rose club earlier this week

Peel me a grape! Chloe says it's not as though she demands her father buys her things. 'I'm very normal!' she says

'Oh my god,' she says. 'I was living with my dad but when you're a girl you need your own space, so I spent a year or two finding something that I liked and then said to my dad, "I think this is a great flat, a great investment, whether I live there or not. Let's buy something". That's how the conversation went, it wasn't like I went, "please buy this for me".'

It is Chloe's deep desire to be seen as down-to-earth that she says drives her to take part in reality television shows like Made In Chelsea, after the 21-year-old starred in the first series.

She says she wants to let the public know she can make a bed, and cook, and live alone. She may have a housekeeper who comes in to hoover the flat three times a week, but the rest of the time she is 'very independent' and even fills up her own car.

'Listen, I'm super down-to-earth,' she says.

'Everyone tells me that I'm very normal.'

Normal: Chloe says that her Topshop tycoon father will offer the use of his jet, but that she's equally as happy to fly BA

Daddy's girl: Chloe Green, whose shoe collection for Topshop will be unveiled next month, says she is very 'down-to-earth'

Chloe has recently a shoe collection, CJG, which will be sold at Topshop from May 17



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