Wednesday, May 16, 2012

'I'm all squidgy!' Super-skinny Una Healy shows off her slender post-baby body in tight clothes... but insists she is still soft

By Andrea Magrath

She says she has lost two stone since being pregnant, but Una Healy insists that she is still all 'soft' and 'squidgy' following the birth of baby girl Aoife Belle two months ago.

That is hard to believe though, looking at the pictures of the super svelte singer making her way through Heathrow today.

Una, 30, showed off her tiny frame in a tight-fitting vest top that revealed her tiny waist and flat stomach.

Skinny mummy: Una Healy, pictured at Heathrow today, says she has lost two stone since the birth of baby Aoife - and it shows

The Saturdays star wore skinny jeans - which take most mere mortals months, if years, to squeeze back into after giving birth - and wedges.

Una has thrown herself back into work following the birth of her first child in March, and is busy promoting the band's new single.

She and Rochelle Wiseman made their way through the airport on their way to Glasgow.

Fighting fit: The singer insists that she did not gain any weight during pregnancy as she was on tour and keeping active

Una says she lost half of the two stone she gained during pregnancy straight away, and has whittled away the rest through healthy eating.

'I went on tour at six months,' she told the Daily Mirror of keeping fit while pregnant. 'And I didn’t pig out on food.

'[Aoife] was a healthy 7lb 13oz but with the fluids and all that I lost a stone when she came out. Since then I’ve lost another stone. I’ve just been eating really healthy.'

Little family: Una and fiancé Ben Foden welcomed Aoife Belle in March

Working mother: The Saturdays promote 30 Days at HMV in Glasgow

'I’m very squidgy! My belly is so soft. I was very fit and healthy throughout my pregnancy.

Una says she will not be able to exercise for another 10 to 12 weeks as she had a caesarean.

'I did start walking really soon after, and I found my posture had really gone. I think I’ve got it back. But I haven’t been doing sit ups or anything. I will start doing my abdominals in the summer. If anyone saw the state of what’s under here... the belly!'

Promo trail: the girls have had a busy week promoting the new single

Missing Aoife? Una signed autographs for fans in the Scottish city



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