Monday, May 14, 2012

'It was humiliating': Una Healy on fiancé Ben Foden naked at a strip bar... and why he can't change Aoife-Belle's nappies

By Georgina Littlejohn

'He's an eejit': Una Healy said snaps of her fiancé Ben Foden dancing naked at a strip bar on his stag do left her humiliated

She had only given birth just four weeks before and was feeling tired and emotional and in dire need of some help.

So, admits Una Healy, the last thing she wanted to see was photos of her fiancé Ben Foden pole dancing naked at a strip club on his stag do.

But there they were, for all the world to see, Ben, 26, with his jeans around his ankles, surrounded by naked women in a bar in Barcelona last month.

And Saturday's singer Una, 30, said not only did she feel humiliated but she was embarrassed for her rugby star beau.

Speaking to the Mirror, she said: 'It did upset me when I saw it. We’d just had the baby. It was unnecessarily emotional for me.'

The Irish star said she knew he hadn't 'technically' done anything wrong, but she was angry all the same and called him an 'eejit' for getting in that situation.

She said: 'It’s just what lads do. With a few drinks down them they think they’re great.'

Emotional: Una, seen here in London yesterday, was tired from having her daughter just a month before and the photos left her teary and embarrassed

Una also had to call her parents in Ireland and reassure them not to worry about the snaps, which were taken by a group of men on another stag do and who recognised the Northampton Saints full-back.

She eventually let Ben off and went on to rave about what an amazing father his is to their little girl Aoife-Belle, who was born in March.

But, she admitted, he is not good at tackling their daughter's dirty nappies and gags at the smell, leaving Una to handle that job.

Doting dad: Una said Ben is great with Aoife Belle and loves to entertain her... but is no good with dirty nappies

She said: 'That’s his weakness. He thinks that’s my job. I’m very good at nappies and I don’t mind the smell because I did nursing for a year and a half. A nappy is a chicken korma compared to the smell of an open wound!'

Una also admitted that she suffered from post-natal depression and said: ' I really missed being pregnant and having her to myself. When she’s out there, she’s out there for everyone to look at. She’s not just yours any more.'

And she said that making the decision not to breastfeed her contributed to her low mood but said it wouldn't have worked with her career commitments.

She said: 'I just knew it wouldn’t be practical to be performing on stage with big leaky boobs full of milk.'

Jet-setting sleeping beauty: Una posed this picture of Aoife Belle two weeks ago holding her first passport



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