Thursday, May 24, 2012

'I've lost weight... and have been drinking all the time': Ronan Keating opens up about his boozing and heartache since wife split

By Kimberley Dadds

They announced their split officially at the beginning of April.

But Ronan Keating is still struggling to come to terms with the fact he's split from his wife of 14 years, Yvonne.

The Boyzone star has turned to booze and admits he's lost weight while he gets used to being single again because he's struggling to eat.

Heartache: Ronan Keating has opened up about his marriage split to Yvonne, revealing he's not been eating properly and has turned to booze to console himself

Ronan, 35, has opened up to the Daily Mirror about the break-up, revealing it has been a 'horrible past few months'.

He told the newspaper: 'This has been by far the hardest thing I have ever had to contend with in my life, the hardest thing Yvonne and I have had to do together.

'I’ve lost a bit of weight. I run a lot and basically I haven’t been eating – just drinking all the f***ing time.'

The singer has been spotted in France this week as he promotes his film debut, Goddess, at the Cannes Film Festival.

And it appears he has been keeping himself busy since splitting from his blonde wife.

'Friends': The Boyzone star has insisted he's still close with Yvonne and they ensure their three children are their 'priority'

The pair split just before Christmas but spent the festive period together to create some normality for their three children, Jack, 13, Marie, 11 and Ali, six.

But on 1 April they announced the sad news simultaneously on each of their Twitter pages.

Keating has insisted that the pair have managed to remain friends.

And although he is now back on the market he is adamant he's not ready to date again just yet.

He added: 'This whole split has been incredibly painful. I am very much single now but can’t even contemplate dating again – that is the last thing on my mind, even the thought of it terrifies me.'

The Irish pop star has been busy filming Australia's The X Factor Down Under but he's still making time for his children as he insisted they are 'always the priority'.

He will be jetting to see them for a day from France before he has to fly back to Sydney again this week.

Keating has endured a tough couple of years after his marriage was first rocked when it emerged that he had enjoyed a two-month fling with dancer Francine Cornell in 2010.
Yvonne made her first public appearance since the split at Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel for her friend Miriam Ahern’s annual lunch and fashion show in aid of CARI – a charity which provides counselling to children and families affected by child sex abuse.

And she also spoke out about the heartache at the event.

Busy working: Ronan has been at the Cannes Film Festival this week promoting his film debut before he jets to see his children for a day on his way back to Australia

She said: 'Every mother has to remain strong for their kids. And every mother has their own issues to deal with, and you just have to try and get on with it as best you can.

'Despite everything that’s gone on I’m in great form, really great form. The kids are well and I’m keeping busy. We are still great friends, that will always remain the case and that’s important for the kids as well.'

As they were: Ronan and Yvonne were married for 14 years before they went their separate ways



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