Monday, May 14, 2012

No-one's looking at your hair! Kim Kardashian tries out a short wig as she shows off her stunning curves in corseted dress for sexy new shoot

By Sarah Bull and Leah Simpson

No-one's looking at your hair! Kim Kardashian's curves distracted from her short brunette wig on the set of a sexy new shoot for Vogue Italia magazine in Los Angeles

She's had her fair share of sexy shoots, so it is becoming increasingly difficult for Kim Kardashian to push the boundaries when it comes to finding new ways to show off her curves.

But the 31-year-old reality star certainly managed it yesterday as she donned a corseted dress which highlighted her incredible curves on the set of a shoot in Los Angeles.

And there was no chance of anyone being distracted by the short brunette wig Kim was sporting for the shoot for Vogue Italia magazine.

Hourglass figure: Kim's stunning black ruffled gown highlighted her womanly curves and drew attention to her cleavage

Gladiatorial style: Kim wore a long black and silver shawl type garment over the top of the dress

As Kim's incredible hourglass figure was distraction enough, particularly for her new boyfriend Kanye West, who joined her on the LA set of the shoot.

However, it seems that perhaps the sample sizes of the dresses were not used to curves like Kim's, as at one point the reality star found that her ample cleavage popped out of the tight leather dress she was sporting.

As well as the figure-hugging leather dress, Kim also showcased her curves in a stunning feathered gown, as well as donning a bizarre warrior-style outfit of leather trousers and a kimono-style top with boots for another segment of the shoot.

Whoops! Kim revealed a little too much as her cleavage proved a bit too ample for a tight leather dress on the set

Just another day at work: Kim reclined on a wooden chair as she was photographed for the esteemed magazine

Androgynous: Kim was later seen wearing a warrior-style outfit of trousers and a kimono-style jacket

Earlier in the day, Kim looked the spitting image of her mother Kris Jenner, 56, as she got to work on the shoot.

She seemed to be paying tribute to her parent on the American Mother’s Day, donning the short wig and baring an uncanny resemblance to the matriarch.

After spending the morning with Kris, Kim tweeted: ‘Happy Mothers Day!!! Had an amazing breakfast with the off to a special shoot today!’

Like mother like daughter! Earlier in the shoot, Kim was seen looking just like her mother Kris Jenner in her get-up

Kim had onlookers talking when she slipped on skin-tight leather dress to a very casual basketball date with her boyfriend Kanye West yesterday.

But perhaps there was a reason behind her inconvenient choice of clothing as she watched the LA Lakers play the Denver Nuggets.

The raven-haired beauty was spotted in an extremely similar fitted frock on the shoot today, so maybe she was simply practicing for a day in the animal skin.

Every inch the superstar: She later switched into shorts, a leather jacket and knee-high boots

Taking to the streets: Kardashian spent the day in Chinatown for the paparazzi-style image spread

Kim could be seen getting her ample curves squeezed into the black dress, which fell above-the-knees and appeared to leave no room for movement.

As the magazine's contributing fashion editor Rushka Bergman fitted a belt around her waist, Kim would have had trouble staying upright in the towering heels which went over her sheer hosiery.

Kim was joined on the job in Los Angeles’ Chinatown by her boyfriend Kanye, who patiently sat in a chair as aides fussed over her behind giant black screens.

Practicing? Kim donned a leather dress similar to the one she wore to a basketball game yesterday

Squeezing her curves: The 31-year-old was fitted by contributing fashion editor Rushka Bergman

Kardashian looked like she’d be spending plenty of time switching into different ensembles with an array of clothing displayed on the clothing rails.

Although an inspiration board showed black and white images of androgynous models and old time paparazzi shots, she seemed to be channelling her manager mother Jenner even more so when she switched into a leather jacket and shorts.

She teamed the look with huge sunglasses and knee-high boots which she wore over fishnet tights.

Loved-up: Kim and Kanye were seen sharing a tender kiss at one point during the shoot

Like a star: Her magazine shoot had a paparazzi theme to it



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