Sunday, May 27, 2012

'She's just screaming her lungs out and scaring me half to death': Twitter users slam Albania's ear-shattering Eurovision performance... but she still

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

With 26 acts in the competition every entry wants to stand out in the Eurovision Song Contest.

But tonight Albania's entry was the talk of social-network for all the wrong reasons.

Not only was the song blood-curdling in its execution but the performer Rona Nishliu was particularly frightening.


Our ears are bleeding: Albania's Eurovision entry Rona Nishliu did not go down well with Twitter users who slammed the singer on the social networking site

Twitter users took to the social networking site to tweet about the performance.

One user posted: 'Albania's song is She's just screaming her lungs out and scaring me almost to death. #eurovision.'

The singer had her hair scraped back and piled high up onto her head in a huge braid and had the end curled around her neck.

She was wearing a costume which had a vampire cloak and shiny PVC detail that appeared sadistic.

What on earth are you wearing: The singer had a rather bizarre outfit on with an elaborate braid wrapped around her head

Vampire style: The singer emerged from red smoke before she started screaming

Rona certainly put her heart and soul into the performance and it was nothing short of ear-shatteringly terrible.

Another Twitter user posted: ' albania's screamy number in sleeping bag reminds me of myself after a bad nights sleep in a tent #eurovision.'

Another noted: 'I think my hearing has just recovered from the Albania entry #eurovision.'

Britain's entry Englebert Humperdinck started off the show with a slow ballad at the show held in Baku in Azerbaijan.



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