Thursday, May 10, 2012

'Top Gear is a medium sized van... Simon is a juggernaut': Jeremy Clarkson blames Cowell as motoring show is shelved for 2012

By Sarah Bull

Jeremy Clarkson has blamed Simon Cowell for the fact that Top Gear won't be back on our TV screens until next year.

The 52-year-old presenter told his followers on Twitter that plans for a further series this year, following on from the last series ending in March, have been shelved.

Clarkson tweeted: 'There’s a rumour in internet land that there will be no more Top Gears this year.

Stiff competition: Jeremy Clarkson is blaming Simon Cowell for the fact that Top Gear has been shelved for the rest of 2012

'I’m afraid that apart from an Xmas special, it’s true.'

The controversial presenter then added that the X Factor was to blame for Top Gear's absence from our screens, because the motoring programme couldn’t compete with the ITV reality show for the Sunday night audience.

He added: 'Would love to be back in the Autumn but Sunday nights then will be full of fat people singing.

Fan favourites: The news that Top Gear will be off screens bar a Christmas special is likely to anger fans of the BBC show

'The good news is that the longer we have to make the films, the better they will be. We will be back in January.

'Top Gear is a medium sized van. Cowell is a juggernaut. When he has finished his singing competition, our new series will start.'

Clarkson's outburst about his show came after he told a South African radio show earlier this week that Top Gear will not be back on screens until next year.

Antics: Top Gear sees presenters Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond take on daring and difficult motoring challenges in various locations around the globe

The controversial presenter let slip the show wouldn’t be returning during a conversation about the Top Gear Festival which will take place in Durban on June 16 and 17.

Clarkson said it would be the only time this year that he and fellow presenters James May and Richard Hammond would be together this year.

He said: 'It better be absolutely fantastic. It is also about the only time that the three of us are actually together this year.

'There is no Top Gear on this year so it’ll be great fun for the three of us to get back together again.'



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