Tuesday, June 19, 2012

'I did five sessions a day on half an apple and a boiled egg... I was starving': TOWIE's Lauren Goodger says weight loss bootcamp made her cry

By Sarah Fitzmaurice

Working hard: Lauren Goodger has said that she was working out five times a day with little food to help her lose weight

She was determined to do whatever it took to shed weight after seeing pictures of herself on holiday looking much larger than she would like.

But Lauren Goodger has revealed in a new magazine interview that her attempts to shed the pounds at a strenuous bootcamp left her in tears.

The 25-year-old TOWIE star said that she couldn't cope with the five times a day workout sessions, after eating just half an apple and a boiled egg.

On a mission: Lauren Goodger was seen showing off her slimmed down figure as she enjoyed a night out over the weekend. The reality star has revealed the intense bootcamps made her cry

Lauren told new! magazine: 'You’re starving. I met a lot of girls there and we became like a family. We were crying together because the training is so intense.

'I couldn’t walk one day, it was so bad.'

The intense regime gave Lauren the results she wanted and she explained: 'I did three
and a half days and I lost 6lbs. I felt toned, my legs and my bum felt tight.'

'I was starving': The 25-year-old posted this snap to Twitter and has explained how she was working out five times a day after eating just half an apple and a boiled egg

She's now a gym bunny: The Essex girl, who eats just 1,200 calories a day while on the Cambridge Weight Plan wants to lose another stone to take her weight between nine and nine and a half stone

Worryingly Lauren doesn't seem concerned with any possible negative effects such a strict regime may have on her body, in fact the quick results appear to have spurred her on whatever the cost to her health.

Since embarking on the regime Lauren, who consumes a mere 1,200 calories a day when on the Cambridge Weight Plan, guesses she has lost between a stone and a stone and a half and says she is now between 10 and 10 and a half stone.

And although her approach might not be the healthiest, or most easily sustained way to lose weight Lauren hopes to inspire girls who want to see results and show they do not have to resort to surgery.

Feeling great: Lauren, seen with her friends in Marbella earlier this month, says her weight loss has boosted her confidence and she wants to show girls they don't have to resort to surgery

She explained: 'I’ve been offered all the surgery under the sun but I haven’t had anything done. I’m
too young, I don’t need it, and I’m not obese.

'I want to show girls that if you’re unhappy with your image, you can change it. I want people to aspire to that rather than going down the surgical route and getting fake boobs and all that c***. I’m not a fan of that.'

While Lauren, who says she wants to lose another stone, is focusing on her figure said she is 'definitely not' looking for a man.

And speaking about her ex-boyfriend Mark Wright seeing pictures of her with other men she said there's little doubt he will be jealous.

She replied: 'Yeah, of course he will be bothered. I would be too, I won’t deny it. It’s a natural feeling.

We’re never not going to care.We’ll always have that history.'

Lauren, who says she isn't bothered about Chelsea Rashoff the volleyball player in Mark's new show, clearly doesn't rule out a reconciliation in the future.

She noted: 'Everything happens for a reason. Whatever’s meant to be will be.'



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