Wednesday, June 27, 2012

'I hate being lied to': Phillip Schofield fuming after guest claiming to be horrified over fiancee's porn career is revealed to have starred in X-rate

•Former Shipwrecked winner Adam Child appears on This Morning with glamour model fiancée TJ
•Claimed he 'couldn't cope' with her porn career
•Viewers highlight the fact Child also has X-rated history

By Sadie Whitelocks

This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield was left red-faced yesterday after a guest shamelessly lied about his porn career in a bid to secure 15 minutes of air time.

Former Shipwrecked winner Adam Child claimed he was mortified when his glamour model fiancée TJ signed a £160,000 contract to film 24 X-rated scenes over the course of two years.

At first he said he 'couldn't cope' with her decision but after receiving counselling he decided to take TJ, whose porn name is Tommie Jo, back telling Phillip and Holly Willoughby 'I got used to it you know'.

But following the interview viewers took to Twitter highlighting the fact that Child, 28, had failed to tell the presenters that he had also been involved in the porn industry and Schofield promptly branded him a 'hypocrite'.

The 50-year-old broadcaster continued: 'I was looking through my Twitter feed before Adam came in and I was alerted by a few people that he may have done porn himself.

'And so when he sat down I asked him if he had and he said ‘no, no I’ve never done it’.

'But when he left there were loads of people once again on our Twitter feed. So I Googled him in the break and it took about 15 seconds to find him naked on a website.

'I hate being lied to Adam I really hate it and wish he’d been more upfront it makes his argument really rather hypocritical.'

Child appeared on the ITV series with his partner TJ who claimed 'I dumped my fiancé for a porn career.'

TJ, whose real name is Coleen, openly discussed her porn career: 'It was horrible it was really hard for me. Being a porn star isn’t every little girl's dream you know it’s not what I wanted to do.

'I'm purely in it for the money. In the future I want to be a dance teacher.'

Meanwhile Child, who won the 2008 series of Shipwrecked, told of his distress: 'I was insecure anyway let alone my fiancé future wife to do porn. I couldn’t physically cope with that, no way - I don’t think a lot of men could.

'I knew she’d been with someone else. The first time she came back I couldn't look at her in the eye.'

Glamour model TJ spent 15 minutes discussing her relationship with fiancé Adam Child

'Listen guys if you're going to come in you've got to tell us the truth,' Schofield warned Adam and TJ

The duo said they met while filming for the Sky reality TV show Dating in the Dark which gets six daters get to know each other without seeing each other.

After just three months of dating Child proposed and they set a wedding day for May 2011.

At the time he said he was aware that his wife-to-be had done topless and nude shots, but when she signed up to do a porn series he decided to end the relationship.
But at the end of the interview Schofield questioned the reliability of both guests, after discovering that Child had previously worked as a porn star.

As the news broke Child issued a statement, repeated by Schofield: 'He did it once in 2010 he lied about it because he was so embarrassed about it apparently and he still disapproves of it.

'He and TJ were offered the porn contract together and they split up because of it.'

Schofield added: 'Listen guys if you’re going to come in you've got to tell us the truth.'



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