Friday, June 22, 2012

Michelle Heaton shows off her impressive post-baby bikini body as she enjoys romantic getaway with husband Hugh

By Emily Sheridan

..It's been five months since she gave birth and after rapidly regaining her pre-baby figure, you can't blame Michelle Heaton for wanting to show it off.

Enjoying a romantic holiday at the same Bahamas hotel resort where she wed two years ago, the Liberty X singer has been wasting no time in topping up her tan.

Her Irish husband Hugh Hanley has been proudly tweeting photos of his wife in a bikini and in a skimpy black dress.

Toned to perfection: Reality TV star Michelle Heaton shows off her impressive post-baby body in a red bikini

Uploading a photo of his wife in a red New Look two-piece, Hugh admitted they were at the pool bright and early: 'It may only b 8am here in Great Exuma but @wonderwomanshel is already beach ready.... #bahamasbaby.'

The couple have spent the past four days on a private island owned by Sandals in the Bahamas, where they tied the knot in July 2010.

As Sandals is a couples-only resort, they have left their five-month-old daughter Faith at home in England with her grandmother, Michelle's mother and sister Maria.

After working out over the past two months, the 32-year-old is now back to her pre-baby size of 8st 6lbs.

Good memories: The couple have returned to the same hotel where they tied the knot two years ago

Earlier this month, the Celebrity Big Brother star showed off the results with a photo montage of her body pre, during and post pregnancy.

She explained that after a two-month recovery period from Faith's birth via caesarean section on January 11, how she worked out in her living room and followed a strict diet to regain her super toned shape.

She told the Mail earlier this month: 'Monday to Friday, I work out at home. I pick 10 exercises, things like sit-ups, tricep dips, press-ups, and squats. The whole workout takes about 40 minutes.'

Ahead of flying to the Caribbean on June 18, Michelle wrote on Twitter: 'Hey guys.. Myself and the hubby are off on holiday in the morning... We won't be tweeting allot (sic). We are taking a well deserved break after a very full on year and a little bit of bad news recently.

Showing a lot of thigh: Michelle strikes a pose after 'one too many dirty bananas'

'For all those nosy.. Sorry, "concerned" tweeters, Faith is being well looked after by her grandma Heaton and auntie Maria.. She is in very safe hands. We of course will miss Faith terribly, but husbands and wives also need time to themselves.. We will pop on from time to time to say hi, And catch up on any big bro gossip! Lol .. Bye for now.'

However, despite her insistence she wouldn't be on Twitter much, it looks like the star couldn't resist and has been sharing her holiday with her 97,420 followers.

Aside from working on her tan, Michelle has become a fan of the 'dirty banana' cocktail and has also been reading bestseller 50 Shades Of Grey by E L James.

Some light reading: Michelle decided to see what all the fuss was about over bestseller Fifty Shades Of Grey by E L James

But she admitted she was missing her baby girl a lot and couldn't wait to be reunited with her in a few days.

She tweeted: 'Missing Faith from the pit of my stomach, but QT time with @hughhanley in the resort where it all began is amazing...

'In the most amazing resort ever with the most amazing man, but lookin 4ward 2 gettin' back 2 our little baby girl #missfaith #lovesandals.'

When she was criticised by some of her Twitter followers for leaving Faith to go on holiday with her husband, she responded: 'Maybe reserve your opinions with the fact u have no idea what we have Been through recently as so far I have chosen not to broadcast it:.

'Anyway, grandmas and aunties are getting their wish too, alone time with faith., happy families!! Xxx.

Another cocktail: Michelle sipping on a dirty banana cocktail while covered up in a Ed Hardy hoodie

Results: Michelle posted a photo montage on Twitter earlier this month of her changing body



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