Monday, June 25, 2012

No rest for the WAG! Coleen Rooney reveals her bikini body secrets as she launches her latest clothes range

By Lucy Buckland

..Wayne Rooney may be weeping into his Rice Krispies this morning but WAG Coleen Rooney was straight out to work promoting her latest fashion range on ITV.

As England are out of Euro 2012, Coleen will probably be heading off to a beach somewhere in the coming weeks and the WAG revealed on Lorraine how she has to work hard to keep her slender bikini body.

After all, it is part of the WAG package, and the 26-year-old mother-of-one takes being England player Wayne Rooney's right hand woman seriously.

Does my car look big in this? Coleen Rooney shows off her tiny waist in her new AW12 Littlewoods collection

Speaking to Lorraine style expert Mark Heyes at a photo shoot for her new Littlewoods fashion collection, Coleen admitted she sometimes gets embarrassed to be called a ‘style icon’.

She said: 'When girls say "You’re my style icon," I just go red. It’s lovely, it’s so nice when people do say, "I like what you’re wearing".'

Asked if she enjoys modelling, Coleen replied: 'Yeah I do. Sometimes I get a bit nervous, especially if I haven’t worked with the photographer before.'

Nothing dodgy about this outfit: Coleen's new collection made up of is classic jackets and trouser suits

Vintage: Coleen Rooney has drawn inspiration from the 50s for her latest collection - but admitted it was tough to maintain her look

It's not easy being this glam! Coleen opened up to fashion expert Mark Heyes on Lorraine this morning

Quizzed if she has a signature pose, Coleen said: 'The hands on the hip. The hands on the hip always works, yes.

'Sometimes you do take a moment out and think I'm lucky to be doing what I'm doing,' she added. 'It’s not a nine-to-five job, day in day out, which I quite like because I spend time with Kai then and I do all my mum’s stuff and it’s good.'

'I'm there right from the beginning and we have a meeting with the design team where we just sit down together and just talk about inspirations, patters and different prints.'

Nerves: Coleen said she can get nervous if she doesn't know the photographer on any of her shoots

Bikini body: Coleen has said she finds it tough to maintain her gorgeous bikini body

On her slim bikini body, Coleen said: 'I have to work at it. If I eat and eat and eat, I just go bigger and bigger and bigger'

Coleen Rooney presented her AW12 collection for proving Wayne is not the only Rooney busy this week.

Modelling the collection in a stunning 50’s style shoot, Coleen is definitely in the design driving seat this season showcasing contrast sleeve jackets, vibrant prints, and sophisticated tailored pieces.

Coleen says, 'I feel like I’ve come into my own this season and think this is my best collection yet! As always, I have designed my collection to suit women of all shapes and sizes and I'm really excited to get it out there!'

Coleen spoke about how she goes red when people refer to her as a fashion icon on Lorraine

The finished product! Coleen said her new collection is for women of all ages and shapes

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