Monday, June 25, 2012

'This is a bunch of bull!' Bruce Jenner storms out of holiday dinner as Kris Jenner refuses to speak about meeting with her ex

By Leah Simpson

..Tonight’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians got off to a rocky start when Kris Jenner decided to meet with ex-boyfriend Todd Waterman behind her husband’s back.

The show began with Kris turning the car around after she realised the move was a bad idea.

She called her confidant Noelle Keshishian and told her that she backed out of meeting the man that was the reason behind her divorce with the late Robert Kardashian.

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Heated: Kris and Bruce Jenner had an argument during tonight's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

‘I think the healthiest thing for me to do is not see Todd,’ she finally confessed as she pondered when to break the news of her prior motives to Bruce Jenner.

Perhaps the Kardashian matriarch should have confided in her other half sooner as the guilt of keeping her intentions behind his back followed her throughout the entire progamme.

As the family sat at dinner on their Dominican Republic holiday and Kris dished out relationship advice to pregnant Kourtney, her meddling came back to bite her as her eldest child revealed that Kris had gone to meet Waterman.

This is bull: Bruce stormed away from their family dinner after talking about his wife meeting with her ex

On shock: The group had to hear Kourtney's revelations over their meal

No good advice: Kourtney rejected her mother's input about her relationship

All alone: The family ditched their plates because of the disagreement

Kourtney lashed out: ‘I’m not taking relationship advice from you. When you’re going and meeting with people from your past. It’s disrespectful to Bruce.’

And when she tried to explain that she hadn’t quite made it to see Todd, her spouse understandably wouldn’t hear any of it.

Before getting up and leaving the table he said: ‘Why would she ever make contact with him? This is bunch of bull, I’ve lost my appetite.’

Bailing: Jenner had previously turned the car around after decided not to meet her former love

The whole group felt the same about her terrible idea and followed him away from the meal.

With Khloe being the last one to leave their full plates of food she had some harsh final word for her parent.

‘You said that if and when you were going to meet with him, you would discuss it with Bruce first. So you’re a liar.’

It didn’t turn out to be the ideal trip for Khloe who turned up to their resort a day before them as a surprise.

Where is he? Scott Disick ditch Bruce Jenner and his son Brendan on a boys day out

Frustrated: Disick had told Rob that Mason isn't Bruce's grandfather

Pregnancy issues: The couple arrived later than expected to the Dominican Republic

The family had expected her to stay at home with her basketball player husband Lamar Odom.

To make matters worse for her, she barely got to spend any time with Kourtney, her boyfriend Scott Disick and their son Mason.

The group had arrived extremely late because of the heavily pregnant star’s especially picky ways now she is carrying a daughter.

After cancelling their original vacation to Ireland, and a number of other perhaps selfish moves such as purposely missing the family’s flight and refusing to get on another one because she didn’t like the aircraft, her relatives were not happy.

Surprise! They missed Khloe's unexpected participation on the vacation

Brother Rob agreed with the clan: ‘Her current mood is making things a lot more difficult for us.’

However another factor ensured that things weren’t all hunky dory on the luxury vacation.

Scott was upset when Bruce introduced him as his friend earlier in the episode as they went with his son Brendan to race cars.

Scott disappeared without warning in the middle of the outing and after they found out he has left, Bruce complained: ‘I went out on a limb to get him here.’

New husband? Bruce hooked Kim up with a potential suitor

Not her type: The pair enjoyed a golfing lesson but Kim wasn't interested

Living the high life: Pregnant Kourtney looks very relaxed before the birth of her second child

The bitching went back and forth as both men spoke about each other behind their backs the more and more they seemed to annoy each other during the break.

Scott wasn’t the only one whose feathers Bruce seemed to ruffle.

He went out of his way to find Kim a date causing her to eventually put her foot down.

Kim agreed to go play a game of golf with him although she was unaware of Bruce’s plans. Instructor Eric, and Kim suitor helped her perfect her technique as Bruce was visibly excited.

The tribe: The girls played around while Kris Jenner was less than impressed

A taste of the spotlight: Kendall and Kylie pose with friends against the backdrop of the Dominican Republic

Soon to be a big brother: Mason is seen sunbathing with father Scott

Later on he told his stepdaughter that he had invited someone ‘normal’ to have dinner with them. But a clearly unimpressed Kim demanded that he be uninvited. ‘I’m not trying to date anybody. I need to just chill out.’

‘Unfortunately I’m done dating athletes I think. So for Kendall and Kylie you can get a nice up-and-coming golfer.’

Jenner admitted: ‘Eric is not the typical Kim Kardashian date. But it’s tie for her to date someone normal.’

Like mother, like daughter: Kris and Kim couldn't hide their excitement as they went for a spin on a speed boat

Always on the job: Kim as seen arriving at the production studio for her reality show in Beverly Hills today

Matriarch: Kris Jenner looked every inch the businesswoman in her chic blazer and black stilettos



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