Monday, June 25, 2012

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin': Paris Jackson, 14, steps out on cinema date with new boyfriend

By Emily Sheridan

..Like many teenage girls, Paris Jackson is finding herself interested in boys.

And over the weekend, it looked like the pretty teenager was enjoying a date with a mystery boy.

Michael Jackson's daughter, 14, was spotted going to see the new animated film Brave at the Edwards Cinema in Calabasas, LA, on Sunday.

Hot date? Paris Jackson and a mystery male companion arrive at the Edwards cinema in Calabasas to see Brave

Wearing a checked shirt, grey vest, jeans and Ugg boots, the teen looked comfortable in the company of her date.

Although she tweeted about the film, she didn't mention her companion during the movie: 'Brave was such a good movie .. i didn't think it would be that awesome but i loved it!!!'

Earlier this year, it was revealed Paris, like most teenage girls her age, had gone 'boy crazy'.

Close: The pair stayed close to each other as they walked into the cinema for the afternoon showing

Growing up fast: The 14-year-old is turning out to be a very pretty girl

The teen has been turning to her aunt Janet Jackson for advice, while her older brother Prince has been talking to prospective boyfriends to warn them to treat her right.

A source told the National Enquirer: 'Janet acts like both a mom and a friend to Paris. She’s chatted with her niece about how she should wait many years before she is intimate with a guy.

'She also listens to Paris when she speaks about her crushes and answers her questions and boys.'

Do you fancy popcorn or candy? The young couple walk into the cinema

Apparently Prince was brought up by his father to look after his sister and younger brother Blanket and urges them to concentrate on school instead of romances.

As well as dating, Paris has also been defending Justin Bieber on Twitter this week.

She tweeted: 'Don't hate him cuz you ain't him(; beliebers keep on beliebing cuz haters can't say nuthin<3.

'Boyfriend, Catching Feelings, Fall, Die In Your Arms, Thought Of You, Beauty and a Beat, and One Love are my favourite songs on Believe.'

Advice: Apparently Paris has been talking to her aunt Janet Jackson about boys



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