Sunday, June 17, 2012

Worse for wear Lauren Goodger quits nightclub appearance after just one hour following abuse from revellers

By Colette Fahy

..She recently revealed she’s been the victim of Twitter abuse and it seems as if Lauren Goodger is never far from controversy.

The Only Way Is Essex star enjoyed a night out at Nu Bar in Essex last night before making a scheduled personal appearance at Zenon Club in Bromley but left after only an hour following an incident inside the club.

A clubber told MailOnline: ‘Lauren turned up at about midnight to do a planned personal appearance. It was quite embarrassing because only about 60 or 70 people had showed up to see her.

It all started off so well! Lauren Goodger was enjoying herself last night at NU Bar in Essex before an incident at Zenon Club later forced her to leave early

‘This guy tried to get a picture and a kiss and at first she refused. In the end Lauren let him take the picture but he tried to kiss her and she stumbled and then he took pictures of her on the ground.

‘She tried to get them deleted and security had to be called. Eventually the pictures were deleted but Lauren refused to take any more photos with anyone. She left then and we saw her sitting on the stairs for a while.

‘Two girls who were leaving the club were furious, ranting “F*****g Lauren Goodger, who does she think she is? She’s nothing but a s**g.” Lauren must have heard them because they were shouting really loudly.

‘Last I saw of Lauren was when she got paid and left.’

High spirits: A slightly worse for wear Lauren was in good spirits as she left NU Bar in Essex for a planned appearance at Zenon Club in Bromley

Lauren was certainly dressed for a night of partying, showing off her slimmed down physique in a short white playsuit with a black belt, nude peep-toe heels, a large silver cuff bracelet and a black Chanel bag.

As ever the reality TV star – who is tanned from a recent trip to Marbella - sported a face full of make-up and also left her flowing brunette locks loose.

However, she was clearly enjoying herself to begin with as she looked worse for wear leaving the first venue and making her way to Zenon Club in Bromley.

Lauren is no stranger to verbal abuse and recently revealed she has been getting hateful messages from strangers on Twitter.

Where did it all go wrong? Lauren was in a great mood as she headed to Zenon Club but left after just one hour

One user wrote to her: 'You fat kebab legged ogre,' while another wrote: 'Bit of a wedgy going on there luv', just two minutes after she posted a photo up of herself wearing a bikini from the back.

And one even tweeted likening her to larger EastEnders character Heather Trott.

She's also received hate messages including people telling her 'I bet your mum and dad hate you' and 'I bet your mum wishes her egg had never accepted the sperm that made you.'

In response, Lauren told The Sun: 'I’ll get hundreds of responses to anything I post saying things like ‘you’re fat’, ‘you’re ugly’, or ‘who are you?’

Party time! Lauren had planned to finish off her night by partying in Bromley but things didn't work out as planned

'It can be quite rude and disgusting, too... This just goes too far — it’s bullying.

I tell myself these people must have problems of their own to write stuff like this.'

And she insists the only way she deals with it is because she is now body confident and isn't letting the negative messages affect her.

Goodger is now calling for people who are racist or send offensive messages to be outed and have their profiles banished from the site.

Lauren had been excited about her personal appearance, encouraging fans on twitter to come say hello

The TV star hasn't felt the need to notify the police about any messages yet, unlike Arsenal's Jack Wilshere who closed his Twitter account after online users
incorrectly spread allegations he had tested positive for Class A drugs.

But Lauren is all for new laws that are being put in place.

A recent High Court ruling is forcing sites like Twitter to reveal identities of people who are guilty of spreading such hatred and nasty messages.

Abuse! Lauren was subjected to vile taunts after posting this picture of herself on twitter



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