Monday, October 29, 2012

Derren Brown is hit by allegations that Apocalypse 'victim' is an actor

-The Channel 4 show's star, Steve Brosnan, studied acting at college
-His Twitter page is linked to an actors casting database
-Claims he 'is very passionate about performing'
-Brosnan posts picture of himself 'filming' a BBC pilot on his Facebook page

By Martin Howden

Illusionist Derren Brown has been hit by allegations that the 'victim' of his zombie stunt is an actor.

Viewers have been gripped by Brown's latest mind-bending illusion on Channel 4 show Apocalypse, which saw him convince Steve Brosnan that the world has been devastated by a meteorite and later taken over by Zombies.

Steve, who studied drama at college, was described in part one of the show, which screened on Friday, as being in a 'dead end job' and was an unwilling participant in the epic stunt.


Row: Illusionist Derren Brown has been hit by allegations that the 'victim' of his apocalypse stunt was an actor

However, it's now been alleged that the 21-year-old has an acting past.

His Twitter account was linked to his site on Casting Call Pro - which is an online directory of professional actors and presenters.

On his profile, he claims he is 'very passionate about performing' and will go 'that extra mile to help someone'.

Changes were subsequently made to his Casting Call account, before the link was subsequently removed.

On his Facebook, there is a picture of him next to Adam Buxon - which has the caption below: 'Steve Brosnan on Facebook. Starring in an Adam Buxton BBC TV pilot.'

However, it's been claimed that Steve merely saw Adam filming near his house and approached him for a photo.

Just pretending? Steve Brosnan becomes convinced by Derren Brown that the world is now overrun by zombies - but it's been claimed that he is an actor

Deception: It's the latest mind bending illusion from Brown - but Steve's Twitter page links to an actor casting website

Signing up: Steve registered for an acting database, and claims he will 'go that extra mile to help someone'

And the claims have clearly angered viewers.

James Smythe posted on Twitter: 'A quick google, and here: the chap from APOCALYPSE is an actor, rapidly changing agency details etc. Humph.'

Twitter user Ruth posted: 'Victim' in Derren Brown's #apocalypse actually actor...Bit embarrassing.'

Epic viewing: Audiences saw Steve's life turned upside down as he looked for a safe place to hide

Acting past: A screen grab has surfaced of him claiming he's filming a BBC pilot

Another fan wrote: 'Don't get me wrong, I love Derren Brown. I really love him. But does #Apocalypse seem very, I don't know, 'acty' to anyone else?'

However, a spokesperson for Channel 4 denied the claims, telling MailOnline: 'Steven is currently not and never has been an actor.

'He was chosen purely because he fitted the characteristics needed for the show.'

The show sees Steve become convinced that he has survived an apocalypse.

BBC pilot: On his facebook page, Steve claims he's filming a pilot with Adam Buxton

Mind bending: Derren orchestrated the terrifying scenario from his control booth

Z Nation: The show depicts a world, which is now overrun by zombies

Derren Brown has said about the show before it debuted: 'The show is about taking somebody who basically takes his life for granted, and suffers from that lazy sense of entitlement that many of us do, and giving him a second chance at discovering the value of what he has. So what we do is end the world for him.

'It’s over two episodes, which I’ve never done before. The first part is getting him to believe that this is going to happen, that the world is going to end, or at least has a chance of ending.'

Part two of Apocalypse airs on Friday, November 2.



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