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'Everyone is pretty worried about him': Shock after X Factor finalist James Arthur dramatically collapses after live show

By Emily Sheridan and Lucy Buckland

X Factor finalist James Arthur collapsed after singing Mary J Blige's No More Drama on Saturday evening.

An ambulance was called by worried show bosses after the 23-year-old said he felt unwell and dramatically collapsed after the live show ended - sparking speculation producers are working contestants too hard.

It is thought the contestant had a panic attack infront of producers, he was seen looking visibly distressed as he was led out the studio by his mentor Nicole Scherzinger.

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Terrified: Arthur looks distressed as he led out of the studio by his mentor Nicole Scherzinger

Ill: James Arthur collapsed last night after singing Mary J Blige's No More Drama

Bosses immediately called an ambulance for the tattooed singer where he was helped by fellow finalist Rylan Clarke - but paramedics at the scene later decided Arthur didn't need to go to hospital.

A show insider said: 'James Arthur became unwell after his performance on the show last night. An ambulance was called as a precaution but he was not taken to hospital and he will appear on tonight's show. The welfare of contestants is our key priority and we work with them to provide any support that is needed.'

James said: 'I had an anxiety attack last night, maybe because I gave everything i had to my performance. I feel loads better this morning after a good night's sleep and I'm looking forward to tonight's show - there's no way I am missing it.'

Helping hand: A pale and visibly shaken James is led away from the ambulance by Rylan Clarke

Arthur, who has made no secret of his troubled background - claiming he slept on benches as a youngster, had wowed audiences with his rendition of the Mary J. Blige classic.

It is thought the the ambulance crews, who sped to the studio in Wembley, London, was called as a precaution.

Show bosses told MailOnline will be well enough to perform for Sunday's show.

Panic attack: Arthur was helped by Rylan Clarke after the collapsing, it is thought the 23-year-old just collapsed infront of show bosses

Emergency: Show bosses were so worried about the star they called an ambulance

Performing: Arthur didn't look unwell as he sang the Mary J. Blige classic No More Drama

On Saturday night, Ella Henderson pulled off another perfect performance as she hit the high notes of Minnie Riperton's classic Lovin' You.

The 16-year-old got a round of applause mid song as she hit the F-sharp descending - an incredibly difficult note to sing.

There for him: Clarke helps Arthur out the studios in Wembley

Paramedics: Ambulance crews sped to the scene after Arthur's collapse

Timeless goddess: Ella Henderson got high praise after performing Minnie Riperton's Lovin' You

Hitting those high notes: Ella was accompanied by a pianist for the stripped down performance

Head judge Gary Barlow praised Ella for tackling such a challenging song: 'What a risk you took. The F-sharp descending. you completely nailed it. It paid off.
Another great week for you.'

Nicole Scherzinger was full of praise for teen, who has previously moved her to tears: 'The difference between you and so many other artists is you are timeless and classic. You're a timeless goddess tonight.'

Louis Walsh tried to accuse her mentor Tulisa Contostavlos of trying to style her like Adele in her column Ted Baker dress, however the singer and her act insisted it was her own choice of outfit.

Glamour: The 16-year-old wore a peach column dress with gold embellishments and a beehive

He said: 'It's so hard to believe you're only 16. You're a worldwide recording artist. I think your mentor has been looking at Adele and has been styling her that way.'

Ahead of her performance, Ella admitted she would find it hard to connect with the song because she's never been in love.

She denied speculation she was dating Union J's George Shelley, insisting they were 'best friends'.

The first performance of the night was Nicole's shy boy Jahmene Douglas, who managed a confident performance of Amy Winehouse's Tears Dry On Their Own, with a brief interlude of Ain't No Mountain High Enough.

Tulisa told the 21-year-old: 'You are looking very dapper tonight. I think the ladies are gonna be lining up after that.

Fighting the nerves: Jahmene Douglas (left) sang Amy
Winehouse's Tears Dry On Their Own while Christopher Maloney performed Heart's Alone

'It's so simple when it comes to you. It's all about the voice. I can't fault you on any performance so far. Amazing.'

Louis was full of praise: ' You're one of my favourites ever, ever, ever. I wanna see you do so well. You are amazing.'

Liverpool Over 28s singer Christopher Maloney was up next, with his version of Heart's Alone kicking off the feud between Gary and Louis.

Autumn chic: Union J sang Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love

Louis said: 'You definitely gave it everything. Very cruise ship, very cabaret, very pub singer. It was a lazy song choice. It was a little bit cheesy for me.'

After telling Louis to stop being 'stupid', Gary was complimentary to his act: 'Changing you is not the way to go. You're perfect the way you are.'

Louis's boy band Union J were up next, hoping to improve after a negative response to their performance last week.

Much better: Union J were pleased with the judges' reaction following less than stellar reviews the previous week

After meeting One Direction, they were given a confidence boost and channelled that into their rendition of Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love.

Gary took the opportunity to make a pop at Louis: 'What a total transformation from last week. Don't listen to Louis, listen to Kai. Well done boys.'

Tulisa was also pleased: 'Much better than last week. Much better song choice. I can hear the vocals. You've got a lot of potential. That was a good start.'

He's got soul: James Arthur sang Mary J Blige's No More Drama

Another bookies favourite James Arthur did a stunning performance of Mary J Blige's No More Drama.

Ahead of his performance, he was amazed when Nicole arranged for him to have a conversation with the soul singer.

Tulisa was amazed: 'You've got this pain in your voice... I believe every single word you're saying. You are my favourite boy by far.'

Gary added: 'James, my God. you can really, really sing. You've got a lot of technique, but you pair it with emotion.

Singer/songwriter Lucy Spraggan surprised the judges and the audience by singing an upbeat song.

Brave: Lucy Spraggan sang an acoustic version of Kanye West's Golddigger

Although the theme was love and heartbreak, she insisted she didn't want the death of her grandmother on Monday to mean she ended up with the 'sympathy vote'.

She said in the VT: 'I want them to judge me on the performance, not what's happening.'

She impressed all the judges with an acoustic rendition of Kanye West's Golddigger.

Gary, who lost his baby daughter in the summer, said: 'I've experienced loss and sometimes the best thing is to go out and perform. Really good performance. Brave girl.'

Harmonising: District3 (L-R) Greg West, Dan Ferrari-Lane and Micky Parsons sang All-4-One's I Swear

Louis actually agreed with Gary on this occasion: 'You're a true professional. A very confident performer. You're a versatile performer.'

After a successful Week 1 performance, unfortunately District3 had a mixed response to their cover of All-4-One I Swear.

Tulisa liked it: 'I understand why Louis picked that song. Your strong point is your harmonies. You have the strongest harmonies in this competition.'

However, Gary said: 'I couldn't disagree. The harmonies were off. The song was in the wrong key... I'm talking Louis... I'm very disappointed tonight.'

Dividing the judges: Louis and Gary clashed over District3's performance

Nicole got a bit over-excited as she said she wanted the trio to rub themselves 'in baby-oil and sing it like you mean it'.

Continuing to be the dark horse of the competition was Jade Ellis, who proved herself to be one of her stronger performances of the night.

The Londoner looked stunning in an asymmetrical dress as she sang Amy Winehouse's Love Is A Losing Game.

Gary said: 'Amazing performance. Simple, stylish, sexy. you look amazing. Your vocals were terrific. You did an amazing job.'

Sexy: Jade Ellis looked stunning in an asymmetrical dress as she sang Amy Winehouse's Love Is A Losing Game

Louis added: 'You're a very sophisticated lady tonight. I think you're incredible. I think we can get more out of you.'

Gary also wasn't impressed with MK1's performance of Jackson Five's I Want You Back, dubbing it a bit 'Glee'.

He said: 'Good energy, good visuals. vocals a little bit weak. It's a little bit Glee this week. Don't let Louis have too much input into what you sing.'

Nicole had a mixed response: 'Sorry guys I didn't feel it this week. I think you guys were a little bit out of your element. The rapping was good.'

Colourful: MK1 sang the Jackson Five's I Want You Back

Gary's act Kai Sones also divided the judges with his rendition of Rihanna and Eminem's duet Love The Way You Lie.

Louis said: 'You're a great singer, you're a great performer. There's something missing...'

He ended up clashing with Gary again after complaining he was 'bored'.

Gary hit back: 'It's a non-comment Louis. Anyone out of the audience could have got up and said that.'

Nicole said: 'Kai that was a brilliant, brilliant song choice. Excellent vocals. But that performance didn't set me on fire. It just didn't grab me.'

Something's missing: Kai Sones also divided the judges with his rendition of Rihanna and Eminem's duet Love The Way You Lie

As expected, Rylan Clark put on the biggest show of the night, accompanied by Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour lookalikes as he sashayed down the catwalk.

The flamboyant Essex singer performed a mash-up of Groove Is In The Heart - Deee-lite and Gangnam Style.

Tulisa enjoyed it: 'Rylan, I've got to be real. It is a bit cheese and a bit karaoke, but it's blinking entertaining. I'm intrigued to see what you'll do next week.'

Camping it up: Rylan Clark performed Groove Is In The Heart

However, Gary made his feelings clear alluding to last week's sing-off with his own artist Carolynne Poole: 'Rylan, if this was competition for how many songs you could kill in two minutes, you would win hands down... I'm never gonna like this.'

Rylan tried to lightened the mood, by alluding to Gary storming off last week: 'I was bit worried so I booked you a cab...'

Gary hit back: 'That's funny cos I've had yours on hold for two weeks.'

Cheeky: Rylan told Gary he had a taxi waiting for him

Hot momma: Melanie Masson, who wowed the judges with a cover of INXS's Never Tear Up Apart

Last to perform was Scottish singer Melanie Masson, who wowed the judges with a cover of INXS's Never Tear Up Apart.

Louis said: 'Talk about going out on a high note. You're Scotland's rock momma. I'm a big fan.'

Tulisa turned the air sort of blue when she said: 'Melanie, you're back in full MILF mode. You blew everyone away yet again.'

Smart: The judges walked on stage at the beginning of the show

Before the show: Rylan Clark didn't look took nervous ahead of the second live show

Hopefuls: Charlie from MK1 looked confident earlier in the day , as did Union J's George

Thumbs up: Jahmene Douglas appeared relaxed as he made his way to the studio, while Melanie Masson beamed from ear to ear

No need for nerves: Ella Henderson arrived at Wembley's Fountain Studios looking a tad nervous, in the end she blew everyone away

source: dailymail


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