Monday, October 22, 2012

Separated at birth? X Factor's Rylan Clark and best friend Katie Price reveal their matching trout pouts on a night out

By Daily Mail Reporter

Rylan Clark has only been in the spotlight for a few weeks, but he's already showing that he can pull of the perfect pout.

However, he does have the best teacher in Katie Price.

The 34-year-old former glamour model is a close with friend of the 23-year-old controversial X-Factor star, and on Sunday night they couldn't resist working those moves in front a camera.

Working those moves: Rylan Clark and Katie Price pull off the perfect pout as she celebrated the controversial X Factor star going through to the next round

Night out: Rylan Clark and Katie Price headed out Whiskey Mist nightclub in London after celebrating his progress onto the next show

Price attended the X Factor live results show on Sunday night to lend her support to her pal.

She was delighted after he went through to the next round, tweeting: ''wwoooooooohhhoooooooooooooooo #rylan xx'.

An overjoyed Rylan showed that he was delighted to be still on the show by smouldering for the camera with his famous friend.

Firm friends: They have been pals since he entered her modelling TV show Signed By Katie Price last year

Bonding: She tweeted her excitement after Rylan was voted into the next round

Clearly in the mood to celebrate, the pair headed to London's Whiskey Mist club.

Rylan wore all black, including a tight leather jacket that exposed his midriff.

Katie opted for a black jumper and marbled patterned leggings, and clasped hands with the Rylan as they headed into the club.

The pair have been firm friends since her he entered her modelling TV show Signed By Katie Price last year.

Showing support: Katie was there for her flamboyant friend Rylan, seen right leaving the X Factor studios after the results show on Sunday

And he recently revealed that he has turned to her for support as he continues his controversial X Factor experience.

He said: 'Katie's a really good friend and she knows what it's like to be going through what I'm going through at the moment.'

'She said to me, "Get on with it and enjoy it because the more people are talking, the more people are interested.

'Keep your chin up and remember who you are.'

Putting on a show: Rylan was his usual over-the-top self on Saturday night's show

After his performance on Saturday night Rylan received support from Tulisa who was critical of Gary's act Christopher Malone.

Speaking to Gary, Tulisa said: 'You're calling Rylan cheesy but he's a Babybel and you're here churning your own Stilton. this isn't even fun for me anymore, I just don't get it.'

And Gary typically didn't hold back when it came to critiquing Rylan.

Mini-Babybel: Rylan lives to fight another day as he survives elimination for another week at the expense of MK1

Gary said: 'I'll tell you my problem with this. We have 10 very talented contestants left and for every week that you're here, one of them is going to be going home. You should have been the best performer tonight but you were the worst.'

However, Nicole argued: 'He is the only one dancing and working up a sweat. And I love the no beard look - two words gorge-couture,'

She concluded: 'He doesn't just have the x factor, he has the x, y, z factor!'

But Gary argued back: 'Two words, sweetie - OH - VER!' To which Nicole responded: 'Old fart'.



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