Saturday, October 13, 2012

Someone's got a bad temper! The full extent of Gary Barlow's Rylan tantrum on the X Factor is revealed in a backstage video

-Gary Barlow's X Factor tantrum caught on video
-Take That star and Louis Walsh's relationship is 'well and truly over'
-Simon Cowell 'hires' faith healer to cleanse the negative atmosphere in the studio

By Kirsty Mccormack

Viewers watched in shock as Gary Barlow stormed off at the end of X Factor's first live show, but now the full extent of his tantrum has been revealed.

A new video shows the Take That star has he stalks off to his dressing room with a face like thunder following the news that his act, Carolynne Poole, would be going home.

The 30 second clip also shows how the rest of the contestants were also shocked at how Gary, 41, dealt with the situation.

Bad temper: Gary Barlow is seen mouthing off backstage following the results on the first X Factor live show last weekend

Had enough: The singer stormed off after realising that his contestant Carolynne Poole would be going home

It begins with Louis Walsh's decision to take the vote to deadlock, after Carolynne found herself in the bottom two with Rylan Clark.

As host Dermot O'Learly reveals that the brunette will no longer be in the competition, Gary can be seen slamming his hand down on the table and quickly getting on his feet as he walks off.

The camera quickly cuts to the rest of the hopefuls who are watching backstage, and are heard saying: 'Gary's walked off,' with their mouths dropped open.

Ouch! Gary slammed his hand down on the judge's table before getting up and stalking off

Even the rest of the hopefuls were left shocked as they watched from backstage

It then cuts back to the singer, who is heard saying: 'I'm not talking. Get the camera out of my face.'

He is then seen entering his dressing room as he mutters 'absolutely ridiculous' before slamming the door, leaving his male colleagues outside.

It was certainly a first for Gary, who has always been opinionated on the show but never walked out.

And the feud continues to threaten to spill over after it was reported the Take That star refuses to forgive Louis Walsh.

A source told The Mirror: 'As far as Gary is concerned, Louis and his friendship is well and truly over. It may make TV gold on Saturday night, but this feud is real.

'Unless Louis dramatically rethinks his approach, Gary won't have the time of day for him in this life or next.'

Simon Cowell has reportedly tried to smooth things overs by hiring a healer to sort out the negative vibes in the studio.
An insider told the Daily Star: 'We need all the help we can get.'

Following Rylan's performance of the Spandau Ballet hit, Gold, Gary had nothing but negative comments for the Essex wannabe.

Camera shy! The Take That star stormed into his dressing room and slammed the door behind him

Controversial: Rylan Clark tries to forget the fuss over the decision to keep hip in the show by meeting with his fans on Friday night

On his bike: Rylan wil hope he gets an easier ride on Saturday's show

Mobbed: Rylan has become a cult hit with fans of the show

'I wanted to have some fun and I really was having fun until you started singing tonight. I was embarrassed to be sat here,' he told him.

However, Rylan's mentor Nicole Scherzinger hit back at Gary, saying: 'Don’t be an old grumpy fart.'

Rylan has recently shown he has no hard feelings towards Gary, tweeting on Sunday: 'I have nothing but respect and admiration for @GBarlowOfficial.'

'Ridiculous': Gary was annoyed after Rylan Clark remained in the competition over his own act Carolynne Poole



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