Friday, November 23, 2012

Bruised and battered Olivier Martinez steps out with a bloody hand after brutal brawl with Halle Berry's ex Gabriel Aubry

-Love rivals come to blows as Gabriel drops Nahla off at Halle's home on Thanksgiving Day
-Gabriel 'throws first punch' resulting in a fight which ended up with Olivier pinning him to the ground
-Both men received medical treatment for their injuries
-Aubry charged with battery with bail set at $20,000
-Emergency protective order issued: Gabriel can't go within 100 yards of Halle, Olivier or Nahla
-Comes after a judge recently blocked Halle's request to move to France with daughter

By Louise Saunders

His face bruised and battered, a scuffed and swollen hand held out of harm's way, Olivier Martinez headed home from hospital on Thursday afternoon.

The French actor was injured during a 'brutal fight' with his fiance Halle Berry's ex lover Gabriel Aubry, which left both men hospitalised and saw Aubry charged with misdemanour battery.

The shocking brawl came as Aubry dropped off his daughter Nahla at Halle's house on Thanksgiving morning.

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Eventful: Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez looked furious as they headed home from hospital after the brawl on Thursday

Injured: Olivier's swollen hand and bruised scuffed knuckle can be seen

Olivier reportedly tried to speak to Aubry about the ongoing custody dispute between him and Halle.

After Olivier said to Gabriel 'We have to move on,' the Canadian model is said to have pushed the French actor and tried to punch him before a full blown fight broke out.

Gabriel and Halle - who split in 2010 - have been at odds ever since she tried to convince a judge to allow her to move to France with Nahla, a move which was recently blocked by the courts.

Injured: Olivier is understood to be considering pressing charges

Downcast: After their Thanksgiving plans were thrown into disarray Halle and her daughter and fiancé visited a friend's house for dinner

Strained: The family head home, with Nahla in the back seat

Onlookers told TMZ the fight was 'brutal', with the website describing a blow-by-blow account of the melee.

A source said: 'Olivier blocked [Gabriel's punch] and the punch struck him in the shoulder instead... Gabriel then pushed Olivier to the ground, a struggle ensued, ending when Olivier pinned Gabriel to the ground.'

Olivier performed a citizen's arrest on his love rival, before police were called to the scene and arrested Aubry for battery. He was charged upon his discharge from hospital and released after meeting the $20,000 bail.

Andrew Smith, Commanding Officer, LAPD Media Relations and Community Affairs Group, told People: He [Aubry] was booked for a private persons arrest for battery.'

Calm before the storm: Halle and Olivier headed out for lunch at Angelini Osteria in West Los Angeles prior to the fight on Wednesday

A judge then issued an emergency protective order - meaning Aubry has to stay 100 yards away from Halle and Olivier, as well as his daughter Nahla.

Gabriel was taken to hospital for his injuries after suffering a broken rib, bruises to the face and a possible more serious head injury, with there being conflicting reports as to whether he was left unconscious following the bloody brawl.

Olivier has a potentially broken hand and neck injuries., and arrived at the same Los Angeles hospital for treatment as Gabriel around an hour after him.

Painful: Olivier Martinez was sporting a swollen hand and a painful-looking bruise on his face

Harrowing: The strain was clear to see on both Halle and Olivier's faces as they drove away from the hospital

It is unclear whether four-year-old Nahla witnessed the fight between her father and future stepfather.

However sources told TMZ that Halle rushed her daughter inside to prevent her seeing the dramatic fight.

However, the youngster was later seen being carried in her mother's arms as the anxious looking actress arrived home with Olivier following his discharge from hospital.

After a brief stop at home, the pair headed to a friend's house nearby.

Injuries: Olivier Martinez could be seen with wounds on his neck on Thursday following a fight with Gabriel Aubry

Stuck in the middle: It is unclear whether or not Nahla, seen leaving home following the fight with Halle, witnessed the altercation

Crisis talks: Halle and Olivier were seen arriving at a friend's house following the fight

Martinez, who has apparently become increasingly bitter during the custody battle, is said to be keen to press charges, TMZ reports.

A source told TMZ: 'Gabriel went nuts in front of Halle and other witnesses.'

However, details about the argument are unclear because both men were speaking in French.

VIDEO: Bruised Olivier tight lipped when asked who started fight...



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