Monday, November 26, 2012

Now Rihanna tweets topless photo of herself... after sharing half-naked picture of Chris Brown in her bed

By Jennifer Pearson

It seems Rihanna is more than happy to give fans an insight into her bedroom antics.

Having made headlines by tweeting a half-naked picture of Chris Brown on her bed on Saturday, the singer went one step better with her own topless masterpiece on Sunday.

Rihanna shed her top and left her black hot pants on, posing for the camera with her bare back exposed from the waist up.

She's got back: Rihanna tweeted a topless picture of herself a day after posting a half-naked picture of Chris Brown lying face down on an unmade bed

Her face was turned provocatively over her shoulder, giving one of her famous 'come hither' looks beneath the cascading hair.

Behind her stood a clothes rack with a few items on their hangers and some boxes and next to her was a bed with white quilt and pillows.

Rihanna posted the black and white photo on her Twitter page along with the message, '#LondonNightLife.'

Naked weekend: On Saturday Rihanna tweeted a photo of Chris lying in bed naked from the waist up among Simpsons memorabilia

While 24-year-old Rihanna has yet to confirm her relationship with Chris, 23, is back on, her topless picture of him sprawled on her bed among Simpsons memorabilia is a pretty good indication that they spent the better part of Saturday night together.

In the picture Chris wore a blue knit cap that hid his head from view, but his bare back was a canvas of tattoos.

His blue jeans were pulled down over his bum showing his navy briefs.

The star's baseball cap and Bart Simpson jacket were tossed nearby on the unmade bed when only hours before Chris had tweeted a photograph of himself wearing these very things.

Sexy in black lace: Rihanna wore a clingy see-through number during her appearance on The X Factor Live Results Show in London on Sunday

Rihanna did little to hide her resumed romance with the rapper by spending the Thanksgiving holiday with him in Berlin, Germany.

The Bajan beauty attended Chris' concert in the German capital before heading over to his after-party where she was seen taking shots and hanging out with the controversial hip hop star, who was charged of assaulting Rihanna in 2009.

The pair, who can be heard duetting on a song together on Rihanna’s new album Unapologetic, insist they are now just friends.

Now that her own 777 tour is over, Rihanna is in London where she made an appearance on The X Factor Live Results Show on Sunday at Fountain Studios.

Back with Chris? Rihanna has yet to confirm she's resumed her romance with the controversial rapper, but her racy tweets certainly reveal they are

Casual style: Rihanna was later seen arriving back at her London hotel in little more than a T-shirt and tights



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