Saturday, January 19, 2013

How much work has he had done? Rylan dyes his ginger beard black as he shows his vain side in Celebrity Big Brother

By J J Anisiobi

Rylan Clark might just be the vainest person ever to appear on Celebrity Big Brother.

The former X Factor contestant spent a long time trying to hide his ginger roots by dying his beard on Friday afternoon.

Rylan's desire to change his looks and appear more youthful than he is have led him to use many different techniques.

Just For Men: Rylan spent a long time dying his facial hair during Friday afternoon in the Celebrity Big Brother house

Being restricted to just basic hair-dye while in the house, however, has driven the wannabe singer crazy.

He managed to convince Claire Richards to help him dye his beard black and said to her: 'We’re not all born with a dark beard like Italians! Some of us have got to fake it!'

After around 30minutes of applying the solution to his well shaped facial hair, Rylan occupied himself by looking at his potential wrinkles in the mirror.

Time for a top up: The pale looking housemate was in need of some fake tan as he applied his dye cream

You missed a bit: Claire Richards gave Rylan a helping hand as she pointed out missed bits on his beard

The reality television star has gone to great lengths to alter his appearance and has spoken openly in the past about his many procedures.

The most obvious transformation has been his hair. After growing up with ginger locks he then experimented with blonde colouring and extensions.

He also appears to have had his eyebrows tattooed on as they maintain their dark colour and sculpted shape.

Full face: Rylan has previously admitted to having Botox and fillers injected into his face

Back to black: Rylan's natural ginger hair colour was hidden by his dark couloring

Rylan once admitted to spending most of his wages on Botox, fake tanning and make-up.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: 'I was the fat, ginger kid at school. The bullying was bad. It affected my education.

'I got pulled off a swing and some boy kicked me in the head and fractured my skull. I was in hospital. It was homophobic bullying.'

Dark locks: Rylan once revealed that he had been bullied as a child because of his looks

Man about town: The X Factor star jumped in the bath tube with some of the girls after sorting out his beard

He added: 'I am really obsessed with my image. I've had Botox and had my lips done. I probably spend two thirds of my wages on cosmetics.'

In his quest to be the perfect man he has also blown thousands of pounds on plastic surgery.

He told heat magazine: 'I'm so lazy and I really want a six-pack and pecs. I might do myself a little Darren Lyons and have them all put in.'

Top boy: Rylan, pictured as a child, centre, was less tanned and had ginger hair

The fake look: When Rylan auditioned for X Factor in 2012 he had blonde extensions in

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