Wednesday, January 9, 2013

'Posh and Becks should be dragged to the edge of the village and flogged': Morrissey's scathing attack on the Beckhams

By Lucy Buckland

He is obviously not a fan of the Beckham clan.

Smiths frontman Morrissey has revealed just what he would like to do with Posh and Becks, and it doesn't involve taking the pair out for dinner.

In a scathing interview about the state of Britain Morrissey reveals that he feels the quintessentially fashionable English pair are insufferable.

Not a fan: Smiths frontman Morrissey reveals just what he wants to do with the Beckhams... and it doesn't involve taking them out for dinner

The 53-year-old spits: 'I'd... have the Peckhams (Beckhams) dragged to the edge of the village and flogged because they are insufferable to anyone of intelligence, and they actively chase the paparazzi.'

Talking to Loaded the grumpy singer admits that it is the level of admiration the country has for the Beckhams which really gets his goat - he even refuses to call the married pair by their real name, instead referring to them as 'the Peckhams'.

And it is the pair's apparent lack of intelligence and love of being a celebrity which really rubs Morrissey.

He doesn't even know what a harp is: Morrissey refuses to believe David and Victoria Beckham know their musical instruments

'We don’t seem to realise that David and Victoria Peckham will soon be back and god forbid they will be bestowed with titles Sir and Lady Peckham, this is what’s wrong with this country, we don’t seem to care.

'Football often seems to me to have no meaning whatsoever other than just to be there. It can’t be elevated any higher because so many footballers are paid £200,000 a week, yet couldn’t identify a harp.'

And Morrissey's rant didn't stop there, the singer includes former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and current leader David Cameron in his attack on the state of the UK.

Scathing: Morrissey just can't stand the Beckhams... or David Cameron

In fact the liberal vocalist admits he even considered voting UKIP, saying: 'I nearly voted for UKIP. I like Nigel Farage a great deal. His views are quite logical – especially where Europe is concerned, although it was plain daft of him to applaud the lavish expense of the Royal Wedding at a time when working-class England were told to cut-back, shut-up and get stuffed.'

No-one escapes the wrath of Morrissey, full name Steven Patrick, who even wades in on the Savile sex row: 'He was a profiteer, and those who protected him are still here. However, I’m not sure if witch-hunts against aged Radio Caroline DJs is quite the point.

Now then: Morrissey says: 'Savile was a profiteer, and those who protected him are still here'

'2013 enlightenment can’t be applied to dark and dim nights of 1972, otherwise every singer who ever slept with a 14-year-old would suddenly be behind bars – and that would take a lot of bars.'

But the frontman of The Smiths has the most derision for the state of modern Britain, which is where the Beckham venom originates.

And banning Routemaster buses, conversations on trains and animal experiments could be the way forward according to the singer.

But the star reserves his final thoughts for the hypocritical.

He says: 'If I kicked a dog I’d be fined £200, yet we’re asked to accept Cameron shooting down a majestic stag just for a hoot. Weird world, isn’t it?'



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