Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The proof's in the picture: Rhodri Giggs and wife Natasha show they are giving their marriage another go with a tender kiss

By Andrea Magrath and Kirsty Mccormack

Pucker up: Rhodri Giggs leans in for a kiss with his wife Natasha yesterday as they enjoyed a date in a local park

They spent the night together on Monday evening and yesterday Rhodri Giggs and his wife Natasha enjoyed a romantic date.

The estranged couple proved that they are giving their marriage another go as they were spotted kissing in a local park.

The pair looked happy and relaxed as they linked arms and even shared a joke by a frozen duck pond.

Back together: The couple looked very much in love as they strolled arm-in-arm

According to The Sun, Rhodri and Natasha spent 45 minutes in the public space discussing their future.

'They're determined to make it work,' a source told the newspaper. 'They still love each other.'

The couple's marriage hit rock bottom last year when Natasha revealed she had been having an eight-year affair with her brother-in-law, Ryan.

'There isn't a lot of love for Ryan from either of them - but they clearly have love for each other, the source added.

'Teenage sweethearts': The married couple spent 45 minutes walking around the park discussing their future

Wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, a matching top and thigh-high boots, Natasha looked ecstatic to be back in the arms of her husband.

She teamed her outfit with a brown leather jacket and her black glasses, while Rhodri stuck to a pair of denim jeans, trainers and padded Winter coat.

Their public display of affection was hard to miss and an onlooker said they looked like teenage sweethearts.

Fooling around: The couple joked with one another as Rhodri pretended to push Natasha into a frozen duck pond

A second chance: The brunette looked on top of the world as she spent quality time with her husband

'You wouldn't think they were a couple who've just been through a living hell. They look like people who just started dating.'

Days after the 29-year-old was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house, she was back on the couple's couch at their Bolton home, with 36-year-old Rhodri posting a picture on Twitter with the caption: 'Back to normality.'

While Rhodri and Natasha appear to be working on getting their marriage back on track, it hasn't stopped him from publicly slamming his wife for her behaviour.

He waded into a Twitter row between Natasha and her former love rival Imogen Thomas today, calling them 'sad' and saying both women need to 'move on.'

Time for a rest: Rhodri leaned in for a kiss with his wife before joining her in sitting on the park bench

A serious conversation: The pair looked deep in thought as they contemplated trying to make their marriage work

The spat started when Miss Thomas launched a scathing attack on Natasha this morning, writing 'Not enough fish in the sea #keepingitinthefamily #s***tingonyourowndoorstep'.

An incensed Natasha hit back, retorting that it was a case of the pot calling the kettle black, given that they both engaged in affairs with Ryan Giggs.

However Imogen took issue with her point of 'keeping it in the family,' a reference to Natasha's affair with her brother-in-law, given that she is obviously not related.

Let's go home: Natasha was seen emerging from their Bolton home yesterday morning speculating that she may have stayed the night

It wasn't long before Rhodri offered his thoughts, tweeting: 'It really tickles me all this bitching Imogen Thomas and Natasha Giggs are both sad for what they BOTH did get over it and move on. Zzzz.'

In the past week Rhodri has broken his silence on the scandal that dominated the headlines last year and saw his home life fall apart.

While his wife was busy boosting her profile on Big Brother, Giggs gave an interview to the Sun revealing that the couple were making an attempt to rebuild their marriage, despite him disapproving of her going on the Channel Five series.

The couple were seeing each other every day in the run-up to her entering the CBB house.

'Back to normality': Rhodri posted this picture of Natasha relaxing on the couch at their home last night on Twitter

Of Natasha's eight-year affair with his brother Ryan, he said: 'The hardest thing about this all is the images of them being together. I married her for better for worse... for life.'

'He took Natasha despite him having everything and me nothing,' he told the Sun. 'She was the only thing I had and he did not - so he took it. He did this because he would get away with it.'

But Rhodri isn't the only person slamming his brother, as Natasha's two sisters have also spoken out about the footballer calling him 'vile and nasty.'

Haley and Kerrie Lever - who have stood by their sister - revealed to the Daily Star that Ryan even suggested that he could have an affair with them too.

'Vile and nasty': Natasha's sisters Kerrie and Hayley Lever slammed Ryan Giggs (L) who also had an affair with Imogen Thomas

He suggested that he could 'have us too if he wanted,' said brunette Hayley.

'He looked at us like that all the time, but that's not my bag at all.'

The pair went on to claim that the Manchester United footballer mocked their high street clothing and rarely ever bought a drink for anyone else on nights out.

Despite the last six months taking their toll on the family, Hayley and Kerrie insist that they have forgiven Natasha.

'We're all very loyal in our family and we stick together,' they said.

'We don't agree with what she's done but she's admitted it, taken the flak and apologised. It's not been easy for her.'



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