Sunday, June 24, 2012

'He lights up the room. He is a wonderful, special person': Amber Heard gushes about Johnny Depp

By Fehintola Betiku

In the wake of his split from partner of 14-years Vanessa Paradis, it has been claimed Johnny Depp has been romancing Amber Heard.

And the blonde 26-year-old star has been more than a little complimentary about her famous co-star.

The bisexual actress who starred alongside Depp in movie The Rum Diary described him as a 'special person'.

The blonde beauty who was been spotted boarding Johnny' private jet back in April of this year, told of how she was keen to bag the role of his leading lady in the film and auditioned four times.

According to a story in The Sun Amber complimented the Pirates Of The Caribbean star, and said that he has the ability to 'light up a room'.

'He looks even better close up', continued the 26-year-old, who then added: 'Johnny is a wonderful, special person.'

Amber's gushing praise for Johnny came shortly after the release of their 2011.

Heard revealed all about the audition process for the role of Chenault.

She said: 'I auditioned four times and was told that Johnny would make the final choice. We’ve stayed friends, because that’s the kind of man he is.'

Last week it was reported that things between Depp and Heard appeared to be 'heating up'.

The Rum Diary co-stars are said to be so close that Heard, 26, has been a 'regular visitor' to the New Mexico set of The Lone Ranger where 49-year-old is currently filming.

And Johnny, who made an official announcement that he had split from partner of 14 years Vanessa Paradis on Tuesday, is even said to have bought Heard a horse so they can ride together, according to a report in Globe magazine.

Moving on: Last week Johnny Depp announced he had split from his partner of 14 years Vanessa Paradis and is now allegedly smitten over 26-year-old Amber Heard who is bisexual

A source claims Depp is smitten by the Hitchcock blonde, and reportedly said:' When I first saw Amber, it was like seeing an old-time movie star like Lauren Bacall.'

Whereas Heard described her role as his love interest in the film, The Rum Diary, as 'the best experience of my life.'

Speaking about Depp she told Dazed magazine: 'He’s such a wonderful presence; he is enigmatic and compelling and a true artist, seriously intelligent and incredibly sensitive.

'Everybody on set respects and likes him, which says a lot about an actor. It’s a grueling job at times and the stress level that everybody feels in the industry is intense – but it doesn’t affect Johnny.

'It seems like he has time to look everybody in the eye and I like that, it was wonderful to see.'

Close friends: Speaking to Dazed magazine Amber admitted that she audition for the role of Chenault four times



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