Friday, June 15, 2012

‘I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be fit’: Lauren Goodger shares picture of her flat stomach as she reveals she’s aiming for a six pack

By Daily Mail Reporter

..She's been working hard to drop the pounds and gain a smaller figure over the last few weeks.

But now TOWIE's Lauren Goodger has set her sights even higher - she's aiming to get a six pack.

The reality TV star has been spotted with a smaller frame as she steps out in a number of outfits recently.

But now she has taken to Twitter to reveal just how flat her stomach has become.

Flat stomach: TOWIE's Lauren Goodger has taken to Twitter to show off her smaller midriff and reveals she's now hoping for a six pack

Lauren posted up a photo this afternoon showing her in just her lingerie, and she was so body confident she even cut her head out of the picture.

She's obviously proud of her slimmer figure, but she's now spoken out to insist she wants to tone up rather than get skinny.

Goodger wrote alongside the picture: 'Just been gym I want 6 pac loool not there yet little way 2 go I don't want be skinny I want be fit!!x.'

Working hard: Lauren has already shed some pounds and was spotted leaving a gym earlier today as she continues her mission to firm up her body

And she's obviously going the right way about it as she has already been spotted leaving a gym a couple of times this week.

Lauren was even seen walking out of the facility after a workout earlier today.

She wore a tiny floral playsuit with her hair scraped back and sunglasses on to shield her eyes from the rays.

Body confident: She wore a floral playsuit as she left the gym, before stripping off to reveal her body on Twitter

It was similar attire to the romper suit she wore in America earlier this year, which caused her to be slated over wearing unsuitable clothing for her size.

She has since shed weight and intends to hit the gym even more to tone up her muscles and body.

Gym fan: Lauren was also seen leaving the gym after another workout earlier this week



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