Saturday, June 9, 2012

A visit to the cinema by Royal appointment: Kate and Wills pop to their local Odeon to see action movie

-Royal couple spend night relaxing together watching the Avengers in Kensington cinema
-Next day William visits the Duke of Edinburgh in hospital with Prince Harry

By Daily Mail Reporter

Prince William and Kate shocked cinema goers in London by casually joining a queue to see The Avengers.

Attempting to merge in with the crowd, the Royals were dressed down and were almost unrecognisable at a glance.

Kate wore blue skinny jeans, heels and a denim jacket, and the second in line to the Throne wore a shirt, blue jumper, glasses and a baseball cap.

Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate try to merge in with the queue at a South Kensington cinema

One excited fan at the Odeon Kensington cinema, on Thursday, couldn't contain her excitement and tweeted: 'OMG watching the Avengers with Kate middleton and Prince william sitting right next to me!!!!!'

The Royals were enjoying time relaxing after four days of public events to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, including taking part in the Royal Flotilla and attending a live concert outside Buckingham Palace.

After relaxing with Kate at the cinema, Prince William and Harry visited the Duke of Edinburgh in hospital to lift his spirits after the Palace confirmed he won't be be out in time celebrate his 91st birthday on Sunday at home.

Prince William and Kate were almost unrecognisable at the cinema compared with their formal dress during the Jubilee celebrations last weekend

It seems that the Duke of Edinburgh faces spending the weekend in hospital as he continues to recover from a bladder infection that has laid him low since Monday.

Philip's grandsons paid him a 'short private visit' just before 5pm after the news was released earlier today, Clarence House said.

Meanwhile, as the Euro 2012 championship gets under way, the Princes announced on Friday they are boycotting the event in Ukraine amid concerns about the treatment of the opposition leader.

Their decision follows the news that minsters are to boycott England’s opening Euro 2012 matches over human rights abuses in Ukraine.

The Foreign Office said it would not send any minister to England’s group-stage matches in protest at the plight of glamorous Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko, who was jailed after a ‘show trial’.

Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry outside the King Edward VII hospital in Central London after visiting their grandfather The Duke of Edinburgh on Friday



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