Sunday, November 18, 2012

All over? Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's reconciliation dinner ends with a huge temper tantrum after she locks him out of gated mansion

By Emma Gritt

The road to true love ne'er runs smoothly, as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are finding out.

Last night, the young lovebirds met up for a reconciliation dinner - only to swiftly exit the restaurant minutes later.

While fans might be hoping that a quick hello and a hug was all that was needed to get them back on track, it seems the opposite is true.

Lost appetite: Witnesses say Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez lasted all but five minutes in the restaurant

Justin was later seen outside Selena's gated mansion, begging the brunette singer to let him in.

Insiders claim that the young couple have a fairly fiery relationship at the best of times, but Justin's decision to take a Victoria's Secret model to see The Lion King last week has left Selena furious.

At the time, she retweeted a photo of her boyfriend that had been posted of himself hanging out with rapper Lil Twist and Hungarian lingerie model Barbara Palvin.

Bad atmosphere: Selena and Justin apparently left the restaurant moments after arriving

Glum: The young lovebirds did not look happy to see each other

Un-united front: Justin, dressed far more casually than Selena, looked moody as they left Yamato restaurant

She simply captioned it, '...', causing fans to begin questioning the state of the affairs.

Selena was said to be livid, and even went as far as blocking her pop-star beau from her cellphone.

But it seems the brunette actress had a change of heart, and was seen meeting up with her estranged boyfriend for a reconciliation dinner in Encino, California.

Fashion fails: Justin wore a strange pair of trousers, and Selena exposed her bra in a backless top

Bye bye: The young stars left separately from the restaurant to drive off in their own cars

Decision time: Selena and Justin must decide if they can work through their issues or not

Walking tall: Selena cut a sad figure as she walked to her car

However, before the waitress even had time to ask what they wanted to drink, they were out of the door again, with one eye-witness claiming they were in the Yamato restaurant for all of five minutes before turning on their heels.

Justin seemed to be chasing after his brunette partner, who looked glum and deep in thought as they exited the restaurant.

However, TMZ reports that just hours before, the young lovers had locked themselves away in Selena's home trying to work things out before taking their problems to a suite at the Beverley Hills Hotel.

The 20-year old was spotted wearing the same outfit outside the hotel as for her dinner date with Justin.

She wore an asymmetric hemmed T-shirt and tassled scarf and a pair of black trousers along with a pair of fringed, wedged heel boots.

Let me in! Justin was seen having a tantrum outside his estranged partner's home

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